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Are you listening to your customers?

Posted by Becky Carroll on January 8, 2007

man-with-headphones.jpgI just read a great post by Sandy Renshaw over at PurpleWren about a cable company who is listening.  That’s right – a cable company.   A few days ago, Sandy blogged about her experience with her cable provider Mediacom (who, due to a dispute with Sinclair Broadcasting, had to drop the Fox channel) and the short-term solution they put into place.   She also expressed her concerns about the long-term (how to get Fox without an antenna??).  To my (and her) surprise, one of her comments was from Scott Westerman, Group VP of Mediacom, sharing his thoughts on the problem, as well as his email to keep the conversation going!  He also sent Sandy a montage of Mediacom customer voices, which you can listen to from her most recent blogpost (see first link above).

I am impressed with his response for two reasons.  One, he is clearly hooked into the blogosphere and is open to using it to communicate back to his customers.  Perhaps he has read Citizen Marketers?  Second, he has actually taken the time to listen to the actual voice of the customer.  Not aggregate results of the latest customer satisfaction survey.  Not anecdotes from his team.  He has listened to customer concerns and recorded those voices for others to hear.

How well are you listening to your customers?  Here are some ideas on how you can open your ears to hear.  I welcome other ideas as well!

  • Read actual customer comments.  Don’t rely on survey results which have been aggregated into a list of the “top issues”.  Be sure verbatim customer comments are included, both good and bad, so that you can understand your customers in their own words.
  • Go talk to your customers.  Whether it is in-person at a retail store or customer event or by going out on a few sales (and support!) calls, meeting and listening to customers face-to-face is critical to do at least once/quarter.
  • Hook up with your customer service organization.  The place where your customers go to contact you is a great place to go to listen to them.  It could be a customer service call center or a technical support department.  Go down to the call-center floor, hook-up with one of the customer service reps, and have a listen.  Don’t forget to bring your notepad!
  • Check out the blogosphere and customer forums.  Of course, I am assuming anyone reading blogs is already doing this one!

I highly encourage management at all levels to add some of these interfaces into their regular set of activities.  Put it in your planner, if you must, but just do it.  And when you are finished listening, be sure to respond.


6 Responses to “Are you listening to your customers?”

  1. Rich G. said

    I’d talked to a friend in Des Moines, IA today and he told much the same story about Mediacom and added that he local Mediacom office had given away aerials over the weekend so people could watch the football games on Fox that they couldn’t watch on Mediacom. They ran out and had to get more, but they did, and had another give away. They’re working hard to make sure that their customers are taken care of… even though it’s not by them (with broadcast).

    The idea that they’re making sure they look like ‘the good guy’ is there, but who cares? The folks to got to watch the games because of what Mediacom did in spite of what Sinclair is doing… says lots of good things for Mediacom in my opinion.

  2. […] Customers Rock pointed to Purple Wren’s post about a story I’d heard about from a friend of mine in Des Moines. Mediacom, the cable company where I lived before, ran into difficulty carrying Fox because Sinclair Broadcasting wanted more money. Mediacom said “no” and the dropped Fox from their line-up – during the bowl game season. Mediacom gave away antennas… twice. They ran out the first time. They’re taking care of the customer first. They could have taped a sign to their door saying “Not our fault! Sinclair’s a bunch of greedy bastages!” But they didn’t. That wouldn’t help the customer. What they did was address the customer’s need in a way that didn’t in any way materially help them. That’s a good thing. It’s good for the customer, and it’s good for the company. […]

  3. Thanks, Rich, for pointing out that keeping the customer in mind is the end goal, not doing something to look “like the good guy”! I definitely think Mediacom is looking out for their customers in this case.

  4. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for the shout out. I read your post back in Jan. but didn’t comment then. Love your site. The customer is the one who matters most!


  5. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, it is the customer who matters most. I was very impressed by the Mediacom focus on customers. Have they shown you their customer focus in other ways? I would love to hear more examples!


  6. […] on August 4, 2008 There are many, many times here at Customers Rock! where I highly recommend that companies listen to their customers as often as possible.  The best way is to take note of the verbatim words customers use, rather […]

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