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Carnivale of Customer Service: The Marketing Edition

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 5, 2007

carousel-horses.jpgWelcome to this week’s edition of the Carnivale of Customer Service.  A big thank-you to Maria Palma at CustomersAreAlways for having me host this week.  My topic, Marketing Through Customer Service, was a challenging one.  Where is the intersection of marketing and customer service?    Read the links below for some thoughts.

Meikah Delid of CustServ gives us Building Customer Loyalty is also Basic Marketing, which discusses the importance of building relationships with existing customers.

Doug Hanna of ServiceUntitled shares Be Insistent, his story of the fine line between being persistent and being rude.

Glenn Ross of Customer Service Experience reminds us of his post, Word of Mouth Advertising Increases Your Customer Service Experiences, and the intersection of positive Word of Mouth and customer service.

Tom Vander Well of QAQnA tells us about one of his pet peeves, the use of a customer’s name, in his post When Marketing and Customer Service Collide.  Get it right, and we are more likely to trust you with more!

The intersection of marketing and customer service is all around us.  It involves every customer service touch point: loyalty marketing, face-to-face customer service, phone, email, and even word of mouth.  Just like the carousel horses in the picture above, it works out best when marketing and customer service work together.

Thanks to everyone for participating; it was fun!  If you are interested in hosting a future Carnivale of Customer Service, please email Maria Palma at CustomersAreAlways.


7 Responses to “Carnivale of Customer Service: The Marketing Edition”

  1. Douglas said

    Great work, Becky! Thanks for the link.

  2. You are welcome, Doug. Thanks for being part of the Carnivale!

  3. Congrats for a successful hosting of the Carnivale, Becky! Interesting topic and stories. Keep at it! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your support, Meikah! Lots of good stuff to share from you, too.

  5. Dale Wolf said

    This is the best Carnival ever — finally one that is square on with where the world must head if we are to create any advocacy from our customers. I would like to get on the alert list for this carnival, and possibly contribute. Customer experience delivery is the passion of my blog where I have added Customers Rock to my blogroll to make it easier for visitors to The Perfect Customer Experience to link over to your content ( — Dale Wolf

  6. Thanks for the nice comment, Dale! Wow, the best Carnival ever – I am blushing.

    We would love to have you contribute. I will let Maria Palma at know you are interested.

    And thanks for having me on your blogroll! I am honored to be among so many other great bloggers and thinkers. I will add you as well.

  7. […] of Customer Service, initiated by Maria Palma of CustomerAreAlways. Becky’s theme was the Marketing Edition, and she invited everyone to write about the relationship between marketing and customer […]

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