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Nintendo Has the Last Laugh

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 26, 2007

video-game-kid.JPGBack in December, I discussed the battle for the gaming console customer.  I felt that Sony had not been paying attention to their very large installed base, and Microsoft had done some reaching out to existing customers.  These two new consoles were mostly focused on awesome new graphics capabilities.

Along came Nintendo.  My December post had links to interviews with Nintendo execs who discussed how they took a fresh approach based on customer needs.  They kept in mind that the number one reason any gamer wants to play is fun.  If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth the time. 

Doug Meacham does a great job of challenging retailers in his recent post, saying that retailers were counting on a better showing from Sony.  He gives four early indicators for retailers that they could have used to see this “revolution” coming.  I especially like his fourth indicator:

Nintendo’s disruptive shift that focuses on the experience of the gamer

I think this was the biggest indicator that Nintendo would be the clear winner.  Nintendo’s decision to approach the business from the players perspective and make a product that truly engages the player (at half the cost of a PS3) was disruptive. 

I couldn’t agree more, Doug.

Now, Nintendo has the last laugh. 

See this cool animation from my new blogging friend and animator Will Reinhardt at Calico Monkey; it says it all!  Click on the icon at left to go to the page, then press play to see Crazy Wii.  Or, see it here.


6 Responses to “Nintendo Has the Last Laugh”

  1. Imagine that… they were successful because they created a gaming platform that took the gamers experience into consideration. Doesn’t make any sense at all…

  2. Well, the gaming industry has been convinced for quite some time that “hard core gamers” are their marketing target. So it didn’t surprise me to see both Sony and Microsoft trying to out-muscle each other with the new consoles. I am sure the hard-core gamers like the new graphics a lot!

    Nintendo decided to take this different approach, which seems to be working brilliantly. Good for them!

  3. Good point Becky.

    It’s not just the customers experience but which customers experience.

    Nintendo’s strategy reminds me a lot of what Sam Walton said, “go where they ain’t”.

    Thanks for enlarging the conversation.

    Keep creating,

  4. Thanks for adding in your thoughts, Mike! I like to turn statistics around: when 40% of gamers are hard-core who want awesome graphics, then 60% are available to be wooed other ways! (numbers are made up for illustration purposes)

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