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The Golden Rule for Customers

Posted by Becky Carroll on March 22, 2007

golden-rule.jpgMany organizations struggle over which rules to create when it comes to dealing with customers and their concerns.  

“What if a customer says …?” 

“What do I do when the customer won’t …?”

Whether we are in customer service, sales, or marketing, anyone who deals directly with customers will reach a point where there is a conflict.  Entire books have been written on how to treat customers better.

Jim Kleinfelder had a simple rule that he instituted for his company with respect to dealing with their customers (clients).  Kleinfelder, Inc. is a privately-held professional services firm specializing in environmental and geotechnical engineering.  Founding his business in 1961 as a materials testing service, Jim saw that while the company needed to be flexible enough to adjust to client needs, it also should adhere to a set of core values: honesty; integrity; respect for all individuals; exceptional client service.

Jim Kleinfelder’s golden rule when it came to a conflict with clients was this:

It’s not who’s right, it’s what’s right. 

Forget about you and me – it’s about the end result to be achieved.  Fourteen years after Jim’s retirement, this legacy is still alive and well at Kleinfelder.

The Golden Rule for Customers is simple yet powerful.  It will support any organization building customer relationships based on integrity.  And ultimately, that will translate into loyal customers.

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3 Responses to “The Golden Rule for Customers”

  1. What to do if your donor is wrong

    If you decide to empower your donors (in fact, even if you don’t) you’ll sooner or later come into conflict with a donor: Someone may want you to do something that’s not in your mission. Or a donor may seek

  2. Peggy said

    Customer satisfaction is something every business/organization has to deal with. It is the only way to succeed. There is always a conflict of who is right or wrong, the organisation or the customer. It is a hard one to decipher, for it depends on where both stand.
    I do agree with ‘it’s now who’s right, it’s what’s right.’ is a great website to browse through to get nonprofit news and read articles related to being a good nonprofit.
    One can only hope that their moral compass points in the right direction.

  3. The popular saying that “Customers are always right” is NOT always right. What if your customer wanted all products in your business at 90% discount? Now, that’s where it crosses the line. You wouldn’t give it either, right?

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