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Who are You Competing With?

Posted by Becky Carroll on March 26, 2007

choices.jpgOne of the most common questions I get is the following: “Who are the companies in my industry with best practices in customer focus?”  The person asking this question is usually someone in marketing who knows their industry but wants to find out who they should emulate when it comes to customer strategy.

We should ask ourselves this additional question: Who are the companies with best practices in customer focus – in any industry?  Many benchmarking projects fall short of the mark because they do not look outside of their world.

I like the perspective from Sharon Heili.  Sharon is a librarian and writes the blog Libraries and Librarians Rock.  She says in her recent blog post Libraries Need to be Cool:

Libraries need to rock, to be cool.  Why?  To survive…to thrive…to be valuable…to be essential for our customers.

I have heard many librarians proclaim arrogantly that we are not in competition with the video store, the DVD store, Google, iTunes, and YouTube.  But we are! WE ARE!

Sharon goes on to share her thoughts on what libraries should be thinking as they think about their customers, both present and future.  Her customers have a lot of other media competing for their attention.  Sharon evokes a passion for libraries that will surely rock her customers’ world.

Do you know who is rocking your customer’s world?  Is your competitor more focused on customers than you are?  Perhaps there isn’t anyone in your industry yet who has a Customers Rock! attitude and strategy.  However, your consumers may be experiencing Nordstrom or Southwest and their great customer service.  Your business clients may be serviced by Pitney Bowes, who have been recognized by Gartner for their excellence in CRM. 

Customer expectations are set not just by our organizations but also by all the other organizations our customers touch, whether in their personal or business lives.  Do you want to rock your customer’s world?  First, understand their world and who is rocking it.  Then, meet their needs.  Along the way, exceed their expectations.  You will then have the building blocks for a long-term customer relationship.

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