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SeaWorld Keeps Customers Coming Back

Posted by Becky Carroll on April 2, 2007

shamurewards.jpgStarted by Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatDataOne Positive Day is the promise to blog something positive the first day of each month.  Here at Customers Rock!, I endeavor to post positively as often as possible, and One Positive Day is a great monthly kick-off.  Last month, I posted on Coldwater Creek.  This month, I look to one of my favorites, SeaWorld San Diego

When we first moved to San Diego last year, we decided to get a few season passes to local attractions that we thought we would visit more than once.  These included SeaWorld, Disneyland, and the San Diego Zoo.  Buying an annual pass usually sounds like a great idea, but then, after going once or twice, they often just sit in the drawer, hardly used.  When it comes time to renew the pass, the question in our minds will be whether we got our money’s worth?

SeaWorld San Diego wants to make sure we feel the money spent on our pass was well worth it!  This past week, we received a great postcard from them, reminding us to look in that drawer.  Here is an excerpt:

Your Passport.  You remember, don’t you?  That come-as-you-are, anytime ticket to fun you bought a while back and have only used … once?  Maybe twice?

Already, I am starting to think, yeah, they’re right, I think we’ve only been twice since we got it!  I read on:

Go ahead.  Dig through that drawer in your kitchen, or that purse you put away last year (note: they know me so well!), dust off that poor neglected Passport, and treat yourself, your family or your friends to a little fun in the sun at a place like no other.

I think this is a great postcard serving customers well, and it is a win-win for customers and company.  Customers will benefit from the reminder about their season pass and will probably come to SeaWorld and check out the new shows for the season, with no additional expense required.  SeaWorld will benefit when their customers come back to the park, possibly bring friends, and hopefully purchase some food/drinks/gifts. 

The biggest benefit will come at renewal time.  When a customer looks back at their annual subscription cost (could be for an annual pass, 12-month service contract, etc.), they will wonder whether they received enough value from it to renew again.  This is the magic moment for renewals.  Many companies I have talked with have forgotten to show their customers the value they have received in the past year.  SeaWorld San Diego has started this process early for us (it is about 3 months before expiration), and they are urging us to get good use from the passport.

How do you remind your customers about the value they get from your company?  If you have subscriptions, you should be staying visible to your customers to make sure they feel the subscription has been worth the money.  Even if you don’t have annual contracts, staying in touch with your existing customers will keep you in the forefront of their minds when they need your services next time.

We will go to SeaWorld again soon, most likely to check out their new show, Shamu Rocks! (I love that title.)  Are your customers going to visit you again soon?  When they do, let them know you are happy that they are back.  Like SeaWorld says on the bottom of their postcard, “We’ll be glad to see you again — and you’ll be glad you came.”

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3 Responses to “SeaWorld Keeps Customers Coming Back”

  1. Well done!!!

  2. Thanks, Kevin!

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