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Taking the Customer’s Perspective

Posted by Becky Carroll on April 3, 2007

dscn1513.jpgWho is your business focused on?  I saw this sign the other day and contacted the realtor, Tamra Clair, to learn more about her perspective.  

Tamra is a customer-focused realtor based in San Diego.  As we talked about the sign, she shared her customer process with me.  When the escrow closes, the selling agent’s SOLD sign is required to come down.  Tamra then asks her client if they were satisfied with her services, and if so, whether they would be willing to have a “Just Bought” sign put up on the property.  This particular sign has been up since escrow closed in January!  Tamra also throws a party for her clients when they close escrow at the local Karl Strauss brewery.   See her website for a photo of one of these “housewarmings”.

When asked what she feels her customer-focused signage signifies, Tamra shared these thoughts:

The sign says that I helped my client buy this home.  It is about more than just making money.  It is about being more personable.  This business is all about people.

I love this example because it turns the usual “Just Sold” sign around to the other side!  I also love this because Tamra’s clients are so willing to share their experience, and she is willing to ask.  When you help a client, are they willing to be a referral?

When your organization is focused on the customer, it is as clear as a sign in front of a house.  Whose perspective are you taking with your communications? 


6 Responses to “Taking the Customer’s Perspective”

  1. Hi Becky!! I appreciate your acknowledgement with this blog!! Personalized customer service is key!

    I take great pride having extensive knowledge of contracts and up-to-date Market Activity so that I may better serve and represent my clients. I also get to know them personally, so that I may find them exactly what they need!!

    As they will attest, my clients aren’t just “per transaction”, my clients are “for life”!!

    And the “Just Bought” parties are pretty fun too!! 😉 Buying a home is exciting! I want to give my clients a chance to brag… And they’ll never forget how I made them feel!!

    Make it a great day!


  2. What a wonderful story! I was recently talking with my daughter who works at a Web 2.0 startup ( in Palo Alto about the difference between “users” and “customers.” “We have lots of ‘users,'” she said. I told her that it might be a good idea to think of them as “customers” rather than “users.” If they bring revenue into your company — even if it’s just Google ads associated with their social networks — you should give them the respect they deserve and think of them as “customers.” “If you do this, they’ll probably bring in even more revenue for you,” I told her.

    Fun site!

  3. Thanks for coming, Tamra, and thanks for your customer focus. You rock!

  4. Roger, this is a great way to think about “customers” vs “users”. When we start to think about our customers as real people on the other end of the transaction, we then start to think differently about how we treat them. When we begin to create interaction with them, we start to build trust and loyalty, which will lead to the revenue to which you allude.

    Thanks, too, for the compliments!

  5. andreweckhardt said

    Tamra, have you considered taking it one step further? What about creating postcards for the buyer to notify all their friends and family. The buyer would definitely appreciate the gesture since it makes it easier on them and of course who do you think will be listed as responsible for the sale?

    Hopefully this is already part of the, “Just Bought” party invitations.

  6. Frank Phelan said

    Tamra rocks.

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