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Stacy’s Pita Chips has a Customers Rock! Attitude

Posted by Becky Carroll on April 16, 2007

happy-customers.JPGI enjoy finding companies with a Customers Rock! attitude and sharing my findings here on this blog.  Today, I saw something which impressed me on the back of my big bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips (Parmesan Garlic & Herb flavor).  Here is how Stacy’s Pita Chip Co. describes their origins:

We designed a food cart and began serving all natural pita roll-up sandwiches.  They were an instant hit and the lines grew longer each day.  As an incentive for customers to wait in line, we baked fresh pita bread into different flavored pita chips.  Customers loved them so much, they encouraged us to get the chips into stores.  We listened, and that’s how Stacy’s Pita Chip Company was born.

It goes on and continues focusing on customers:

Listening to our customers is also how we continue to grow.  Today, the recipes remain the same… simple, natural, and delicious.

Thanks to all our customers!

I love the way this company gives a lot of the credit for their success to their customers!  But do they really care?  Here is a great post from The Diff blog (a blog from Quicken Loans!) discussing how Stacy’s Pita Chips responded to a concern from someone who had just tried the chips for the first time.  The blogger bought a bag of the chips from the vending machine and was very disappointed with the actual number of chips in the bag.  He sent an email to Stacy’s to express his concern.  They responded saying they would send a replacement bag.  Here is what Stacy’s sent:

They could have just sent the single replacement bag but they sent a boxful.  A snack food company that didn’t want the customer to have a bad impression of them.  To me that was the Diff.

I believe Stacy’s is a customer-focused company.  Their website is very friendly and is as easy to use as flipping through a magazine (in fact, that is how it is set up).  They continue to state on their homepage how they built the company on customer input and feedback.  Flip to the tab labeled “Talk to Us” and find their Guest Book.  There you can read many dozens of positive comments sent in by customers.  (To Stacy’s: one great way to improve the Guest Book would be to turn it into a blog and respond to the comments!)  They also had a fun SuperBowl campaign this year and sent out party kits to over 100,000 people in America named “Stacy” in order to celebrate the brand’s grassroots beginnings and word of mouth enthusiasm of its customers.  Anyone get one?

Stacy’s also has a nice loyalty program to reward frequent customers: you can clip off the UPC symbols from the products and send them in for t-shirts, aprons, recipe books, or lunchbags.  What is so different about this, you say?  Hasn’t this been done for years?  Yes, but the customer-friendly approach taken by Stacy’s is embodied by the word FREE.  The UPC symbols are all that is required (and presumably a loyal customer has quite a few of those); no shipping or handling charges needed!  That is very cool.

I am impressed with the customer focus I have seen from this organization.  Stacy’s Pita Chips Company, you rock!


6 Responses to “Stacy’s Pita Chips has a Customers Rock! Attitude”

  1. Becky,

    Thanks for sharing. Stacy’s DNA is that of a successful business that understands people come first.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lewis. The DNA of the company is usually apparent in how they treat others. I just love that they are so willing to attribute their success to the rock on which they stand: customers.

  3. What you wrote about Stacy’s was sooooooo nice! thank you for recognizing that we are ‘doing something’ that is appreciated. YOU MADE MY DAY!! (by the way…this is Stacy).

  4. You are so welcome, Stacy. It is great to make someone’s day! 🙂 Thank you for building your business on your customers, and thanks for coming out and commenting on my blog!

  5. goggle said

    Grande sito!!

  6. gigi said

    these are really great.. i was so impressed with them… and they are baked…

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