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How to Welcome New Customers

Posted by Becky Carroll on April 23, 2007

call-me.jpgMost companies do not excel at all things.  They have some strengths and some weaknesses.  I enjoy finding the strengths that companies exhibit, then sharing those best practices with my readers.  I found a best practice recently in the strangest of all places:  This seemed strange to me because I have heard many customer service horror stories about  But they are doing something right in one department: the way that they welcome new customers.

My son recently purchased a domain from, and as he is still a minor, we decided to list my name as the contact for the domain.   One day after we made the purchase, I received a phone call from the New Customer Orientation department at  I missed the call, but Derek left me his name and number to call back if I had any questions about and their service.  The next day, I returned his call (I had to see what this was all about!). 

Derek answered right away, explained to me that he was an orientation specialist, and his job is to call all new customers for any of’s products (ours was very inexpensive!) and find out what they are trying to do and how he can help.  Expecting a sales pitch, I told him what we were doing (starting my son’s blog) and the questions I had.  Derek spent about 15 minutes with me going over all of my questions.  He was very helpful, and I never felt pressured to get off the phone quickly or to buy anything else.  He closed the call (when all my questions were answered to my satisfaction) by telling me I could call back any time with other questions and asking if I could be sent a customer satisfaction survey.

About 10 minutes later, I received an email from Derek with his name, phone number, and his email address reminding me that he could help me in the future.  I also received a prompt customer satisfaction survey.  I have to say, the whole experience left me impressed with their concern for new customers.

As I said at the beginning, I realize does not perform as well in other departments.  However, this is a great example of how to welcome new customers.  Here are some tips for welcoming new customers:

  • Contact new customers and let them know you are glad they have placed their business with you.  This is especially important for customers where you expect to have a long-term relationship (new subscribers, B2B customers).  This is most effective by phone, as did, but it could also be done with a Thank You card.
  • Spend time with new customers to understand how they will use your product or service.  This will help you to help them better, and it will also help develop a relationship.
  • Be personal.  Derek left me his personal information, and he answered the phone (I had expected to get passed to another rep; I usually hear the phrase “Anyone can help you when you call back” from call centers!).  The follow-up email was a very nice touch which told me I really could contact him again.

The most important thing you can do for new customers is to let them know you care they are your customer!

(photo credit: melking)

6 Responses to “How to Welcome New Customers”

  1. Great post, Becky. Other businesses should take a cue from this orientation process. I love the idea.

  2. Yes, just letting customers know you are glad they have chosen them over other options is powerful. I don’t think I have ever had anyone call me up just to orient me to their product or service! It was a very positive experience.

  3. Best sales pitch I’ve ever heard! I have a friend who works as a beauty therapist. She is instructed to try to sell as much ‘product’ as possible during her facials/massages etc. She feels very uncomfortable with that idea because she believes that people who are paying for the session, are not paying to be delivered a sales pitch. As a result, her customers are very very loyal. It’s interesting that the ‘anti-sales pitch’ appears to almost be the best way to sell! 🙂

  4. […] just read an interesting article at Customer’s Rock about a web company that calls every new customer to chat to them about […]

  5. Natalie, how right you are! I love your new title for this: The Anti-Sales Pitch.

    It is frustrating when we go through our day, both during work and at home, and every time we experience “marketing”, we are just waiting for the pitch to come. There are times when a direct pitch is completely appropriate. Other times, however, it is better to show a customer you care about their business by the way you treat them. This anti-sales pitch will likely get more sales in the end from not just this customer but from their friends as well!

    Your blog is great, too, and I love the way your company is very customer-focused. You rock!

  6. I just got off the phone with this service!

    They are great, they called my house two days after I signed up and offered me a great discount on a product I am going to buy through Go Daddy!.

    This is a great article!

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