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RSS Made Simple!

Posted by Becky Carroll on May 2, 2007

rss.jpgIf you have been a regular reader of my blog, you know that I strive to write something positive on the first of every month.  One Positive Day was started by the very smart Kevin Hillstrom at MineThatDatato keep the blogosphere an encouraging place to be!  Well, better late than never, so here is my post for May.

My positive post is about a little video which explains, in a very simple fashion, how to use RSS to subscribe to and read blogs.  The video was created by commoncraft and has been widely circulated on the web.   You can watch the video on commoncraft’s site or on YouTube (sorry I can ‘t post it here, but doesn’t allow that!).

I love this video for a few reasons.  One, it explains RSS “in plain English”.  We bloggers use an awful lot of jargon, and it is great to see this (mostly) jargon-free explanation.  Second, a lot of my non-blogging clients have told me they don’t have time to read blogs or don’t know how to do it.  This video will open their eyes about how RSS can actually help save them time and still be able to keep up with blogs.  Third, it takes things from the customer’s perspective, which I always advocate!

It is also just a fun video to watch, as it is created with paper, pen, and whiteboard.  Low-tech but very effective!

Let me know if you find this video helpful, especially if you don’t subscribe to this blog via RSS.  Keep spreading the word on blogging!

(Photo: Bibigon)


2 Responses to “RSS Made Simple!”

  1. Thanks for the nice comment, and I agree, going “jargon-free” helps minimize the fear folks sometimes have. A good, positive post!!

  2. Kevin, you deserve the nice comment! Thanks for the compliment on the positive post, which of course, I try and do on a regular basis here at Customers Rock!

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