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Thank you readers!

Posted by Becky Carroll on May 22, 2007

thank-you.jpgI just wanted to write a quick post and thank the readers of this blog who submitted questions for Jonathan Tisch and helped make the first stop on the Blog Book Tour a success!  I had so many questions sent to me that Jonathan needs to cover the rest of them after this week’s busy tour has ended.  Stay tuned for the answers in a future post.  (Update: Jonathan will be addressing these questions next week, and the answers should be posted on Friday, June 1!  Thanks to Rachelle Lacroix at Fleishman-Hillard for coordinating the responses for me!!)

In the meantime, here are the readers who sent me their questions.  The questions are listed below.

You guys rock!

Mike Wagner, Own Your Brand

Lewis Green, bizsolutionsplus

Kevin Hillstrom, MineThatData

Phil Gerbyshak, MakeItGreat!

Ryan Karpeles, Living Lightbulbs

Drew McLellan, TheMarketingMinute

Steve Woodruff, StickyFigure

Meikah Delid, CustServ

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Questions about vision, motivation, and metrics for employees

1. How do you infuse a sense of customer service into a staff that has not lived by that focus before?

2. Is it important for every employee to know where Loews Hotels are going, how they are getting there and what it will look like? Why or why not?

3. Are employees held responsible and accountable for creating great customer experiences? Do they know what a great customer experience looks like? Do they receive frequent training? Are their evaluations partly based on creating great customer experiences? Are their paychecks reflective of whether or not they create great customer experiences?

4. How do you work with tens of thousands of employees to create a great customer experience, when in reality, there is very little in it for the employee?  In other words, outside of doing what is ‘right’, how do you create a culture where employees earning $10 an hour are willing to go the extra mile to take care of customers?  What is the incentive for the employee to do a great job?

5. It’s easy to say, “Focus on the customer,” but what are some practical ways we can actually inspire and motivate employees (on all levels) to do this in practice? 

6. How do you reward people that do provide great customer service and then motivate others to do the same?

7. Recently I had an experience where the promise of the hotel did not match my experience. Not so very uncommon. But when I researched with the staff of the hotel I found out that they are not resourced to fulfill the promise. In this case the front desk did not have toothbrushes for guests that had forgotten their own. So here is my question; How do you discover when you (the owners and management) have failed your front line employees? And what do you do about it?

Questions about Customer Experience and Customer Service

8. When you started your business (Loews Hotels), was providing exceptional customer service already a top priority?  If so, what made you think that that was the way to go? If not, what or when was the turning point?

9. At your hotels, can you give us an example of how you ensure delivery of consistently great customer service?
10. Reacting to and pleasing customers shouldn’t be that difficult.  It just takes effort.  The hard part is thinking of new ways to benefit them that they didn’t even realize in the first place.   Where do most of these ideas come from?  Internal sources?  External?

11.  Mistakes happen.  Especially in business.  Do you have any personal examples of a time you had to address, correct, and learn from a major mistake?  Did your customers forgive you?

12. What are Top 5 most common ways companies can/do create a negative impression with their customers? (Of course, this simply allows underscoring the positive by highlighting the opposites…)

13. How would you suggest a company engage their customers in designing the customer experience?

14. What’s the hardest part about providing great customer service in a hotel? How have you and your chain overcome this?

15.  The RitzCarlton has their card and their daily meetings. What strategies did you implement for your hotel that have worked best? What did you try that didn’t work?

16. What does “great customer service” mean to you?

17.  How does great customer service in a hotel translate into the bottom line?

18. What are some “secrets” that you could let us in on that your hotels do which other companies could learn from? (Photo: jimparkin)


9 Responses to “Thank you readers!”

  1. You’re very welcome Becky. I can’t WAIT to read the answers!

  2. Thank you!!

  3. You’re welcome Becky! These are very good questions. I can’t wait to know the answers. 🙂

  4. You’re welcome as well. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the answers.

  5. I really appreciate your interaction, guys and gals! I will keep you all posted on when the next round of answers comes in.

  6. Very cool to be part of this conversation. Thanks for including me.

    Looking forward to watching this dialogue expand!

    Keep creating,

  7. Becky,

    Thank you for asking. I was honored.

  8. Mike, I am looking forward to watching the dialogue expand as well! The questions were all great.

    Lewis, I was the one who was honored to have such highly-esteemed bloggers participate in the conversation. Glad you are part of it!

  9. I know Customers Rock! but so do you Becky 🙂 Thanks for letting us participate. It might sound cliche, but this is what Web 2.0 is all about. Thanks again.

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