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Jonathan Tisch Answers Reader Questions

Posted by Becky Carroll on June 4, 2007

chocolates-book.jpgIt is here!  Jonathan Tisch, the author of Chocolates on the Pillow Aren’t Enough, was kind enough to participate in a Blog Book Tour recently, and Customers Rock! was one of the first stops.  My readers sent in so many questions that Mr. Tisch couldn’t answer them all as thoroughly as he wanted to the week of the tour.  So, he spent a little extra time and thoughtfully answered all of my readers’ questions.

Thank you so much, Jonathan, for spending time with my blog and my readers.  We really appreciate it!

The question and answer is quite lengthy, so I have attached it here in a Word document.  customers_rock_reader_qa-tisch.doc

Here are a few excerpts from the document.

When you started your business (Loews Hotels), was providing exceptional customer service already a top priority?  If so, what made you think that that was the way to go? If not, what or when was the turning point? 

My family has been in the hotel business for close to 65 years. When my late father and my late uncle started the company, their initial goal was to create one-of-a-kind properties that would cater to the needs of the traveler.   

Here we are six and a half decades later and we haven’t strayed much from that original sense of purpose.  What has changed is the ever-expanding number of brands and competitors that are very good at what they do.  Even though Loews Hotels represents about 3% of the parent company, we still feel very much a role in creating the image of what Loews Corporation stands for.

What are Top 5 most common ways companies can/do create a negative impression with their customers? (Of course, this simply allows you to underscore the positive by highlighting the opposites…) 

1. False advertising regarding products and services

2.  Not honoring commitments in terms of what was promised during the reservation process 3.  Not being transparent in terms of pricing 4.  Having service that is not commensurate with the physical product

5.  Indifferent attitude of management at the property level 

Thank you also to the readers who sent in questions!  Without you, it wouldn’t be a conversation.  Those readers include the following: Mike Wagner, Own Your BrandLewis Green, bizsolutionsplus

Kevin Hillstrom, MineThatData

Phil Gerbyshak, MakeItGreat!

Ryan Karpeles, Living Lightbulbs

Drew McLellan, TheMarketingMinute

Steve Woodruff, StickyFigure

Meikah Delid, CustServ

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3 Responses to “Jonathan Tisch Answers Reader Questions”

  1. Great job, Becky! I’m glad I sent in my question because I felt like asking THE Jonathan Tisch myself (though would have loved a follow-up question =)). Send him my gratitude. 🙂

  2. […] More Q&A with Jonathan Tisch here. […]

  3. Meikah, thanks for participating and helping create such rich questions for Jonathan! I am definitely sending many thanks to him. 🙂

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