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A Rockin’ Web Concierge at Element Fusion

Posted by Becky Carroll on June 15, 2007

chad_small.jpg I love finding out about companies that are tuned-in to the customer experience.  I was doing some research a few months back for a speech on rockin’ online customer support, and I ran across someone who claimed to be a “web concierge” for support.  I contacted the company, Element Fusion, via their web form, then waited for a response.  Within a very short time, I was called by Tim Wall, Director of Product Marketing for Element Fusion, and we spent a few minutes talking about Light, Chad, and what it means to offer a web concierge to your customers.   Read on!

Light is the ElementFusion product that is geared to web designers and advertising agencies.  Basically, it is a hosted content management software system where designers can private-label it and sell it as their own.  The folks at Element Fusion were tracking the the customer experience for designers when they bring their clients on to the system, and they noticed the learning curve was a little painful.  Taking inspiration from the way Apple designed their stores and the Genius Bar, Element Fusion decided to concentrate their efforts on getting resellers up and running quickly.  Per the Light blog:

So, our own concierge was born — the web concierge.  Actually, he was born quite a long time ago, but his new title and responsibilities have just taken hold.  Chad is the perfect concierge.  In fact, if I were staying in a nice hotel, he’s the guy I would want working at that desk.

Chad’ s job as concierge is to hand-hold the customers as they take their first steps with Light and make the who experience quick and easy.  He gives out his direct line or clients can email him directly as well in order to contact him with questions about the first 2-3 sites they bring on board.  What I found the most interesting about Chad (who is a real person, by the way – that’s his picture up above!) is that he is a high-level director of IT at the company, not a low-level employee.  Being a true concierge, as in a hotel, is a part of Chad’s job.  Tim explained to me that they felt it was important to show the Light customers how valuable they are to Element Fusion, so they wanted to commit top resources to them.

How are Light customers responding?  This is still relatively new, but an existing customer shared this comment:

 I wish all businesses would do this – like my bank!

Chad the web concierge provides this assistance for free to existing customers.

Have you looked at your customer’s experience in using your product lately?  What is happening in the first 30 days?  Those beginning experiences set the stage for the ongoing relationship with your company.   What type of focused resources can you provide for your customers to assist them in getting up to speed?

Element Fusion, you guys rock!  And so do you, Chad!


3 Responses to “A Rockin’ Web Concierge at Element Fusion”

  1. Chad said

    Hi, I’m Chad. Thanks for writing about Element Fusion and me. I look forward to helping people with their Light content management system.

    Your Web Concierge

  2. Thanks for visiting, Chad! Good to see you here.

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