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Great Customer Service Online: “The Busy Bunny”

Posted by Becky Carroll on July 30, 2007

bunny.jpg I have blogged before about the little things that make a difference.  I have had several online experiences the last year with a small California-based company that makes my online buying experience great with little things.

The Busy Bunny is an online store based in San Bruno, California.  As they would say, they specialize in “Edible toy treats for pet rabbits, and fun stuff for people since 1987.”  Some of their best-selling products are wicker baskets shaped like carrots, alfalfa sticks, and cardboard bungalows for bunnies to chew and climb onto.  My bunny really likes the straw mats, which he can both sit on and chew up.  Yum!

The first time I ordered, I was asked to create a log-in account.  My information was securely saved – mailing address, billing address, and order.  Email address and phone number were also requested, along with an explanation of why they were needed.

Each time I go back and order from The Busy Bunny, my information is already available for me.  In fact, I can click on any previous order, see what I purchased, and choose the button that says “Reorder” if I want the same items (I usually do).  Once I order, I can also track the package from the same simple page.

The last time I reordered my bunny’s favorite straw mats (Saturday), I couldn’t quite remember which ones he liked last time.  Easy!  I just had to log in to My Account, look at my previous order, and click on Reorder.   All finished!  My credit card and all pertinent information were already in their system, so I completed my order in about 3 minutes.

Would I shop for my rabbit’s needs anywhere else?  No.  The Busy Bunny is very convenient for me.  They remember things for and about me, they make it easy for me to order, and they appreciate me!  How do I know they like me?  They send me a cute Busy Bunny notepad in each shipment.  This is a great way for me to feel valued as well as to keep their logo in front of me (I use them as my phone message pads).

I shop online with quite a few companies that are larger than The Busy Bunny, and the online shopping experience is not always as good as the one I have described.  If a small company can do it, a larger one should be able to do it as well!

Lessons from The Busy Bunny:

  1. Keep the e-commerce site simple.
  2. Remember things for and about your customers wherever possible – and use them!
  3. Make it easy to do business with you.
  4. Let your customers know you appreciate them with a small gesture or gift.

Thanks, Busy Bunny!  I can tell that Customers Rock! for you!!


11 Responses to “Great Customer Service Online: “The Busy Bunny””

  1. I love that you wrote “Make it easy to do business with you” as a lesson from the Busy Bunny! So many companies try to make customers jump through hoops to buy something (or after the sale when something goes wrong)… that it’s always a pleasure to have no hitches along the way.

    But really, it doesn’t take much to give a great customer experience. Making the process as clean and simple as possible, helping customers remember their preferences so they know what to buy, and sending a small thank you gift–shows that basic quality service and a little customer appreciation can go a long way.

    If I had a bunny, that’s the kind of shopping experience I’d want.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Katie. My bunny loves it!

    Yes, a great customer experience doesn’t have to be complicated. When we make it easy for customers to do business with us (rather than the way most companies do it, which is usually make it easy for us to do business with the customer!), they accomplish their task quickly and are more willing to come back for more.

    That’s why I blogged on The Busy Bunny. Simple site, simple store, simply met customer needs. It’s the only place I shop for my bunny. 🙂

  3. Becky,

    I, too, think we all should make it easy to do business with us. Easier said than done, especially for those of us who deliver creative services. Egos often get in the way on both sides–consultant and client.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Lewis. 🙂

    Not only do egos get in the way, but “it’s how we’ve always done it!” is heard quite a bit as well. When we take the perspective of the customer, in can become much clearer what changes need to be made to make a true impact on the customer experience.

  5. I have known Lisa from the Busy Bunny for more years than we both probably care to divulge! Not only is she an amazing person, her business sense and skills just flat-out wow me. Lisa was always my inspiration to want to go into business for myself. When I finally did, she was my role model — and still is. If I can be half the amazing business owner Lisa is, I will have already surpassed the competition. She is the top of the line and I’m so thrilled you recognized The Busy Bunny! Lisa totally rocks The Busy Bunny world!!

  6. You are right, Maureen – Lisa’s business skills are awesome! Recognizing the importance of the customer is something that makes her business stand out. Thanks so much for sharing about the encouragement and inspiration she has given you – and please share the post with her as well! 🙂

  7. jajqo said

    cute bunny 😉 and god blog two

  8. scott said

    hey thats my bunny and my picture!!!! I took that picture!!!

  9. werty said

    so cute

  10. my teacher has a bunny in my class room that looks just the same

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