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Nordstrom Rack: It’s about people

Posted by Becky Carroll on August 1, 2007

smilies.jpg Nordstrom department stores have legendary customer service.  They have a very strong focus on the people aspect of their business at all customer touchpoints.

Nordstorm Rack is the off-price division of Nordstrom.  Originally a clearance department, it is now its own division where customers save 50% – 75% on clothing and shoes.  Most “clearance-stores” are not a place where a shopper would normally find great customer service.  However, Nordstrom’s strong customer culture carries over very clearly to Nordstrom Rack.

For example, the following is an excerpt from a Nordstrom Rack job listing.   Notice the customer focus in each position description.

We are currently looking for individuals with a positive and energetic attitude who are interested in Sales, Stock or Customer Service positions.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Sales people provide great service through positive interactions and product knowledge with each and every customer.
  • Customer Service Representatives meet our customers´ expectations with professional, efficient service at the point of sale.
  • Stock people support our customers by keeping our fixtures full with merchandise that is accurately ticketed.

It is all about people.

Yesterday, I took my two boys (pre-teen and teen) to the Nordstrom Rack in San Diego.  While I was busy shopping for a new pair of shoes (Nordstrom’s original product), my two boys went looking for a tie for a special occasion.  When I came over to check on them, one of the store’s employees, Carol, was not only showing my boys some ties, she was giving the boys lessons in how to tie them.  She was cheerful, friendly, and very patient, even when they kept getting it wrong.  She then went in the back and found a paper which describes the steps in tying a tie “in case you forget how.”

I was surprised and pleased at the interest she took in making sure two young men learned how to tie their ties properly.   In the process, she not only made a sale, she made two boys into potentially lifetime Nordstrom customers.


10 Responses to “Nordstrom Rack: It’s about people”

  1. When I lived in Seattle, all my clothes came from Nordstrom Rack. You get the best retail service experience available, at half the regular price. Thanks for the shout out, as well.

  2. KermitFan said

    As a native Seattle-ite, I have to say that I’ve never had experiences like this at Nordstrom Rack. Thanks for sharing these stories — I think that I’ll drop by there tonight and see if I can be re-inspired by their customer service!

  3. Lewis, you are so welcome! I was just struck by the great service experience at Nordstrom Rack, even if there were a ton of clothes and shoes to sift through.

  4. KermitFan, thanks for adding your perspective. Hopefully, you found some great experiences at your Seattle Nordstrom Rack. Let me know what you discover. 🙂

  5. When Nordstrom interviews people to hire, they always ask this question:

    “Are you a compulsive smiler?”

    If you say no, you usually don’t stand a chance. Nordstrom prides itself on blowing away customers, and people who smile a lot seem to be great at it.

    Just thought I’d share that little tidbit 🙂 Lovely post as always, Becky.

  6. Thanks for the tidbit, Ryan! Compulsive smiler – what a great visual. They do hire very friendly, patient people from what I can see. 🙂

  7. Paul Mallon said

    No doubt people are important…but the people (sales) need the proper support infrastructure. See this video as a great example…doesn’t hurt that’s funny too.

  8. elena said

    Nordstrom in Mission Valley San Diego is a real dump. As to customer service, it’s outright insulting! i went to shop around like i usually do. Foud great Theory pants on clearance rack. Stood in line for 20 minutes; and at the register i got: no, they are not on clearance! … wha?…
    They said that it might be somebody else out it there…well i said…how about the 50% off the lowest ticketed price sticker? they said they sometimes make a mistake…and looked at me like i put that sticker there! i shop in nordstrom and neiman marcus and quite frankly am very comfortable with finances but always watch what i am charged…i am never going there again, period. not at least until after x-mas…before than they can kiss my ***, and it will cost them 2 or 3 grand…voila!

  9. Thanks for a great post. We don’t have Nordstrom Rack in Australia that I know of. I’m finding as the Australian labour market is tightening with employers chasing staff rather than the other way around, service is starting to slip.

  10. Tawanna said

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    who to ask.

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