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Customer Service Nostalgia

Posted by Becky Carroll on August 21, 2007

blog_hilton_1958.jpg I just had to share this great picture of the call center in the early days!  These were the days where customers were treated with great respect, service was always given with a smile (yes, you can hear a smile over the phone!), and there was always a personal touch.

I saw this pic thanks to Valeria Maltoni, who pointed me to the GetSatisfaction blog (just added you guys to my blogroll!), who got it from The Washington Monthly.  Here is what the text in the picture says:

“This “magic scoreboard” makes it possible for the Hilton Reservation Offices listed below to give you, while you are still on the phone, complete reservation information at any of the 33 Hilton Hotels around the world. You will receive an immediate verbal reply on your reservation request, and a written confirmation will be mailed the same day.

Here are a few more nostalgic images of customer service personnel.

Roadway Shipping service boys serviceboys.jpg

boeing-bunks.jpg Pan Am flight attendant

(Note – These sleeping bunks had two seats that turned into a lower bed, with the upper bed folding down from above, similar to a train.)

Here’s to old-fashioned customer service!


3 Responses to “Customer Service Nostalgia”

  1. Ah, the good old days! The Get Satisfaction team rocks ad do you and I’m glad you got acquainted with each other. Always ready to connect like minded people 😉

  2. Thanks, Valeria, for your kinds words and for the connection!

  3. Debashish Brahma said

    Your Blog is Excellent. Doing a good job. Pleas keep in touch and contenue vthe good work that you are doing.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Dave Brahma

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