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News and great links

Posted by Becky Carroll on August 27, 2007

global-hello.jpg I have a few pieces of news to share about Customers Rock! and a few links to share as well.

Blogger’s Choice Awards

I just found out, through Google, that my blog has been nominated for three different categories of the Blogger’s Choice Awards: Best Marketing Blog, Best Business Blog, and Best Blog Design.  I am truly honored to have been nominated.  If you would like to vote for this blog, just click on one of the above links!  There are also many great blogs that have been nominated out there, so even if you don’t vote for mine, go out and let others know which blogs you like best. 

Blog Design

Speaking of blog design, the careful reader will have noticed that I made a few changes to my sidebar.  Most importantly, I have now “burned” my feed, which simply means you can use Feedburner to subscribe my blog.  This is an easy way to subscribe, and it allows you to choose which reader you like using.  If you have already subscribed to my blog feed, thank you!!  If not, you can subscribe either via Feedburner or via email (both links in my sidebar).

The main reason I added this link is because of something that WordPress changed: they no longer give me statistics on how many people I have reading my feed.  😦  Feedburner quickly and easily gives me those statistics but only for those who have signed up through them.

Other new sidebar items include Top Posts, Recent Posts, and Recent Comments.  The Top Posts item has been interesting, as I have noticed a lot of people clicking on those posts now, which exposes many of you new readers to some of my most popular content.

Let me know what you think about these changes – like, dislike, other suggestions?  Thanks!

Unexpected Surprise

Check out this post from Stan Lee at Brand DNA on a good customer service story.  I love the graph he uses, too!  It is a great example of turning around a bad experience with a telco.  Clearly, the customer service rep was empowered to do a few things for the customer, which this rep did.  Keep an eye on Stan’s blog.  He has short posts about advertising, along with videos and a few other tidbits, and I always find something fun (and sometimes a bit shocking) when I read the blog.  You rock, Stan!

Blogger Social ’08

Just in case you thought blogging was only online, registration is now open for Blogger Social ’08!  This is a weekend for bloggers that will be held April 4-6, 2008 in New York City.  The difference here from other bloggers conferences/summits is the focus: the people behind the blogs.  I have done quite a bit of meeting bloggers via telephone since I started, but there is nothing like good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.  Head on over to the Blogger Social blog listed above, find out more, and make your plans to join us!  Thanks to CK, Drew, Cam, Mike, and Luc for making this happen. 

People Make the Difference

My friend Ryan Karpeles asks a thought-provoking question in his blog post Who’s Conducting Your Company Train?  Ryan shares about his experience with an outstanding conductor on the train that takes him to work: Eric.  Eric makes the difference for commuters daily; see the post to find out how. 

Small, personal touches can make a huge difference.  Like the really nice waitress that always remembers your name when you go in to your favorite restaurant.  Like the unexpected card you receive from a business associate, just to say thank-you. 

The people make the difference.  In order to take care of your customers, be sure to take care of your employees – they are the face of your business. 

Feeling Special

Lewis Green has a wonderful blog post on making customers feel special.  He discusses ways for businesses to differentiate themselves through how they treat their customers, both prospects as well as existing customers.  Lewis, I couldn’t have said it better myself!


4 Responses to “News and great links”

  1. CK said

    Thanks for promoting Blogger Social ’08, Becky…it’s gonna be a great event (cuz marketers, like customers, absolutely Rock!). I hope to see you and many, many more there. Can you imagine actually getting to talk not type? Yeah, that rocks ;-).

  2. Becky,

    Fun post. When did you find the time? Thanks for the shout out. I am in great company.

  3. Lots of great stuff/links/etc. in here 😉 And thanks for the shout-out Becky. It really is all about people. Which is why BS’08 is so darn genius… 🙂

  4. CK, you bet! It will be fabulous to see everyone in person.

    Lewis, glad you liked it. I felt like I owed my readers a content-rich post to make up for my shoddy posting lately. And you are very welcome!

    Ryan, a pleasure as always! I love how you are so people-oriented, plus great ideas to boot. 🙂

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