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Focus on the customer

Posted by Becky Carroll on October 19, 2007

sunglasses.jpg I love finding other bloggers who share my Customers Rock! passion.  Today, I have a collection of three great blog posts about customer focus to share with you.

1. Don’t Trash Customer Service: This is an inspiring post by one of the bloggers, Rachel, at Retail Design Diva about her family’s experience at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Her trash can saga has a happy ending.  I love how she sums it up –

“And I thought customer service was a long forgotten practice. While it may not be the answer to world peace, good customer service isn’t just good for business–it does wonders for humanity.”

This kind of customer service will definitely cause some word-of-mouth about the good things happening in retail.  Thanks for sharing!

2. A Little Customer Care: Another Diva, this time Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing Blog, shares with us her open letter to her local airport.  Seems she is much more impressed by the focus on customers at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.  It gets down to the heart of the matter when Sky Harbor puts it in writing –

‘In fact, the airport has a customer service policy that puts customers first with a vision to create “Americans friendliest airport.” ‘

Being customer-focused doesn’t happen by accident.  It only happens when organizations make a strategic decision to be customer-centric and then back it up with the appropriate measures, incentives, and finally tactics.  Great to see that Sky Harbor Airport gets it!  See you in Phoenix sometime, Toby!

3. 3 Easy Ways to Treat Your Customers Right: Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog shares with us three stellar stories about companies doing right by their customers.  He reminds us how easy it really is –

“It really doesn’t take much to treat customers well.

But you have to recognize the value. And then you have to be willing to take a bit more time, get a bit more creative, push a bit further…”

The companies that actually do this immediately stand out from their competitors.  Size of company doesn’t matter; action and sincerity does.  In the comments (read them, there are some good ones!), I suggested the 4th easy way to treat customers right is to listen to them.  How is your organization doing in this department?

Please leave your favorite story in the comments here, or send me an email.  I am always looking for more positive examples of Customers Rock! attitude.


7 Responses to “Focus on the customer”

  1. Sabine said

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree completely. Only caution on customer service – don’t do something one time and change it the next. Customers might comt to you for a certain service experience – if you keep changing – you’re confusing your customers! And the goal of customer service is to keep them happy, coming back and maybe even referring you!

  2. Nice post! Really we will not trash customer service! I know this from personal experience.

  3. Toby said

    Becky – Why don’t companies get that consistent, excellent customer care is a competitive advantage? Oh, I get it them it wouldn’t be a CA .. in the meantime, such a great opportunity to set the brand apart with customers who love you.

    Thanks for the shout out and the links to these terrific posts.

  4. Becky, I just published a post on a similar topic to this.

  5. Sabine, thank you for your comment. The best thing to do is be strategic about how you treat customers. Consistency is indeed a key, as once customer expectations are set, they need to be met. Keep the faith, Sabine! 🙂

    Hari, glad you are here. Please share with us your experience!

    Toby, you always have great posts to link to. You are right; great service is still a competitive advantage. So why aren’t more companies making strategic changes to make it happen?

    Glenn, I love your examples of Customers Rock! attitude. Great minds think alike.

  6. darren said

    Becky…great blog! I’ve created an entire blog about customer service experience which boils customer service down into two concepts – getting it WHEN you want it and HOW you want it (hence, timing and delivery).

    That said, I have countless examples of how companies have either knocked this out-of-the park or have fallen flat on their proverbial faces.

    I’ll add something else to the comments above that is important in ‘rocking the customer’…honesty! You’d be surprised (perhaps) at how many businesss lie/mislead customers…I’ve had two recently which I wrote about…not cool!

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