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Bathroom Blogfest: Door Signs

Posted by Becky Carroll on November 2, 2007

An important part of crafting a great customer experience is attention to detail.  Today I am sharing some very creative signs which indicate the location of the bathroom door.  They all align with the theming of the establishment or area in which they are found.  Which one do you like best?

Disney doors:

Disney’s California Adventure: This is the door sign that went with my earlier post on the Route 66 bathroom.  It is shaped like a USA highway sign.


Disneyland at Space Mountain: This sign is found on the women’s room door which is at the exit to the Space Mountain rollercoaster.  As the coaster has outer-space themes, so does the door.  Good for large and small aliens to use.


DisneyWorld at EPCOT World Showcase: In case you haven’t been to this Disney theme park, EPCOT in Orlando, Florida has two main areas.  The first is FutureWorld, and the second is the World Showcase.  Several countries are represented there.  These two signs come from the Norwegian pavilion and the USA pavilion, respectively.



Samba Room, Orlando, Florida

This restaurant serves Cuban cuisine in an Asian-fusion style.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the doors to their men’s and women’s rooms (respectively).  Clever!


The Bathroom Experience

Have you considered how even the smallest of details can speak volumes about your establishment?   I hope this blogfest has given you some ideas to consider.  Who knows; maybe I will feature your bathroom in next year’s blogfest!  Feel free to send me pictures throughout the year, and I will credit you and your establishment.

Visit the Bathroom Blogfest group blog, as well as the other Blogfest bloggers:

6 Responses to “Bathroom Blogfest: Door Signs”

  1. Brent Applegate said

    Hey Becky – Great input! I think it might just be worth a field trip to DisneyLand to check out… Now, if we could just convince the Rady folks to sponsor it… Hmmmmm? – Brent

  2. Thanks, Brent! Sounds like a fabulous idea. Be sure to tell me when it is taking place… 😉

  3. darren said

    Now that was a creative post. I also have a bathroom door sign that I took a photo of, but not to showcase it or the establishment…but to talk about WHY a restaurant in a busy part of the city (Vancouver, Canada) thinks it’s ok to have one bathroom for men…ONE door, one bathroom. Yikes!

  4. Lolly said

    This is such a cool idea – I so hate it when you can’t differentiate the ladies room from the men’s rooms because the signs aren’t clear!

  5. Sherrill Kushner said

    How can I get copies of your photos of the bathrooms signs reading “Romeo” and “Julieta?”

  6. NLBizSaive said

    NL International

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