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Making a Difference for Customers

Posted by Becky Carroll on November 13, 2007

last-slide.jpg I gave a seminar this morning called “Can you hear me?  From Communication to Conversation to Conversion” for the San Diego chapter of the Direct Marketing Association.  One of the exercises I gave my participants was to share one of the best customer service experiences they have had lately.   What kind of experiences do you think stood out for them?

The interactions that stood out were those where someone took the time to go the extra mile for the customer

  • An employee went out of their way to help a customer.
  • A customer service rep quickly and efficiently solved a problem – at no extra cost.
  • A customer who was part of an “elite” customer loyalty program received red-carpet treatment (unexpectedly).
  • An employee showed appreciation for the customer.

 As the stories unfolded, here were the common elements in a great customer experience:

  • Customer recognition
  • Surprise and delight
  • Customer expectations met – and exceeded

Organizations wanting to create great experiences for their customers need to bake these types of elements into their planning across all customer touchpoints: sales, marketing, service, as well as websites, retailers/distributors, and the product/service itself.

Many companies are in the process of finalizing their plans for this upcoming fiscal year.  Don’t forget to prioritize the customer experience in those plans!  If you don’t, your competitors most likely will.


One Response to “Making a Difference for Customers”

  1. Mark said


    Going the extra mile seems to be a dieing sport nowadays in the business world. It’s nice to see someone still understands its value and the competitive advantages it brings to one’s company. We operate an Industrial Supply Directory and our mission has always been to exceed the expectations of each customer.

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