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BrandingWire Gets an Overhaul

Posted by Becky Carroll on November 19, 2007

bw_logo_med.gif Many of you know that I have been part of an ongoing team of bloggers who writes monthly for BrandingWire.  Below is the list of posts I have contributed to this effort to date:

Growing the Business: Coffee House Blues about branding a small coffee company

Coming back for more in Estes Park, Colorado about helping this destination town shine up its image

Car ownership made easy about customer service in the auto sales industry (with tips!)

It’s Cool to be a Geek about making IT services more exciting

BrandingWire: Helping a Consulting Business about better serving consulting clients

This has been a lot of fun – so much fun, in fact, that we are going to start opening it up for others to join in!  There are two ways to get involved.

1) Send us your marketing or branding challenge.  We love to work on real-life examples (like the IT services company or Estes Park).  The benefit to you is gaining outside perspective on your case, with hopefully some great suggestions for improvement.  Anyone can submit a challenge or respond to a challenge.

2) Chime in on any upcoming BrandingWire challenge.  We would love to include you in the posse!

For more information, as well as examples of marketing briefs for case submittal, check out our group site.

In the meantime, tell me what you think.  Do you like the BrandingWire format we are using?  What would you want to see to improve it?  Would you be interested in participating?  Drop us your thoughts in the comments, and together, BrandingWire will keep heading down the road to more great ideas!

Here is a list of the other BrandingWire authors; you can tell them what you think, too!

Olivier Blanchard,  Derrick Daye, Lewis Green, Gavin Heaton, Martin Jelsema, Valeria Maltoni, Drew McLellan, Patrick Schaber, Kevin Dugan and Steve Woodruff.


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  1. Becky,

    Thanks for sharing.

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