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I Want Your Blog-iversary Ideas

Posted by Becky Carroll on December 4, 2007

blogiversary.jpg The one-year anniversary of the Customers Rock! blog is approaching on December 7, and I want to turn to you, my loyal readers, for help in celebrating.  What was an especially memorable blog-iversary post that you have seen or participated in?  What could I do to celebrate?  I want it to involve as many of you as want to be involved!

I have seen several things done: thanking all those who have referred, commented; reviews of popular posts throughout the year, etc.

What would you all recommend?

Please email me or leave a comment with your suggestions for Friday’s post.  Thanks… you guys rock!

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6 Responses to “I Want Your Blog-iversary Ideas”

  1. How about creating an ebook of your favorite 5-7 articles, with comments, and giving that away for everyone, as a celebration of your time as a blogger?

    And it’s only been 1 year? Wow Becky, sure seems like a LOT more than that! Congrats!

  2. daksh said

    One year and a diva already..
    i really thought that customersrock was in 2nd or even 3rd year 🙂

    — rate your top 5 posts
    — rate your top 5 commenters
    — rate your most embarassing post/negative comments
    — rate one particular day when you think your blog reached a real high..

    keep blogging..


  3. Phil and Daksh, great ideas! I had a few emails from other folks along similar lines.

    I am also flattered that you thought I had been blogging much longer (although I have to admit, sometimes it feels that way to me, too!).

    Stay tuned…

  4. I know that whatever you do to mark this big event will absolutely Rock! Congratulations, Becky! What an awesome first year and here’s to an even better second year.

  5. Thanks, CB. I am working on it as we speak!

    And yes, I am raising a toast to my second year as well!!

  6. I forgot to add that I’d like to be on the e-book pinglist too! 😉 One of our Shaping Youth advisory board members does this for all of her sites and it’s become quite a helpful ‘tipsheet’ and database builder to boot. Quite a win-win! Oh, btw, it’s Carmen at Racialicious and Anti-Racist Parent, she’s CEO of New (if you want to look at some of the format factors)
    Congrats again, Becky!

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