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Customer Service Is the New Marketing

Posted by Becky Carroll on December 22, 2007

csitnm_badge.png I love seeing more people recognizing customer service as a major customer touchpoint.  As I have written about many times, it is too often viewed as a cost to be managed. 

There is vital customer interaction going on at each customer service touch.  Companies that use the customer information shared in a customer service interaction will have a more complete customer profile.  Companies that use the customer service touchpoint as another place to build on the customer relationship are winners.

Customer service is one touchpoint with the customer (albeit a very important one).  The customer’s overall experience with a company needs to be consistent and planned in order to lay the foundation for optimal relationship-building opportunties.

There is a one-day conference coming up on February 4 in San Francisco called “Customer Service is the New Marketing.”  It is being put on by the smart team over at GetSatisfaction, and speakers include companies such as Zappos, Virgin America, Flickr – and me!  I will be doing a lunchtime workshop entitled, “Customer Experience: The Intersection of Marketing and Customer Service.” 

The team from GetSatisfaction had a very positive response on this topic last March at SXSW, so this should be a great conference!  Register before December 31 and pay only $295 for the day; price goes up to $495 after December 31.

I hope to see many of you there!


4 Responses to “Customer Service Is the New Marketing”

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  3. Thanks for the positive write up, Becky! I’m looking forward to seeing you there and to meeting you in person. 🙂

  4. Marc said

    Great article.

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    It is free and easy to use.

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