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The First Noel

Posted by Becky Carroll on December 25, 2007

wreath.jpg Customer service is an old profession.  Stories of poor customer service go back over 2000 years – to the First Noel. 

In this case, a pregnant woman, ready to have her baby at any moment, went with her husband to a hotel far from her home.  Even though she was weary and at the point of going into labor, the hotel turned her away.  They didn’t even book her at another hotel nearby or offer her a free stay in the future.  Instead, she and her husband had to go to a nearby barn to stay the night.  While she was there, her baby was born among the barn animals.  Of course, this is the story of the birth of Jesus who, Away in a Manger, overcame a poor customer experience and entered this world on a Silent Night.

I wish all of you and your families a peaceful and joyful Christmas!

(Photo credit: dodoman)


3 Responses to “The First Noel”

  1. Brandon said

    Late this Christmas day, I visited Customers Rock to find thought provoking concepts. As usual, I was captivated, this time, not only mentally, but also, because of the content, on another level.

    Some time later, I have stopped staring into the coals in my fireplace and ended my reflection for tonight. I only wish to say, again, Thank You, Becky for your words and ideas.

    Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays,


  2. scott said

    great point

  3. Brandon, you are so welcome.

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