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Instant Customer Connection – The Personal Touch

Posted by Becky Carroll on April 7, 2008

A note from Tsufit Marketing is all about building personal relationships.  Here is a wonderful example of the right way to reach out to others. 

Todd Andrlik contacted me to say my blog was included in the appendix of a new book called Step into the Spotlight by Tsufit (her full name, by the way).   Customers Rock! was one of 39 blogs on Tsufit’s list of Cool Marketing Blogs.  Thanks, Tsufit! 

Todd wanted to know if I would like a complimentary copy of the book, and I agreed.  It arrived in my mailbox the other day; on the envelope were a bunch of very cool-looking postage stamps picturing movie stars (Tsufit was most recently in the entertainment industry in Canada before becoming a business coach).  Excited to see the book, I ripped the package open (carefully, of course!).


I was really pleased to see that Tsufit had written me a note, on a Post-It, and had attached it to the front of the book.  Not only was it hand-written (see photo above), but it was personal.  She had taken the time to go to my blog, read some of my posts, and find a connection between us.  Here is the text of her note:


Here’s the book Todd Andrlik promised you.  I see you & I have singing in common.  Couldn’t believe it when I found a post on your blog called ‘Where Did My Dress Go?’ – years ago, I co-wrote a spoof song to the tune of You Light Up My Life about a shopper’s disappointment in a store ’cause the dress disappeared & it was called ‘Where Did My Dress Go?’  Hope you enjoy my book.  Pls confirm receipt.  Tsufit”

Not only that, but she autographed it as well on the inside: Tsufit\'s autograph

Her efforts to personalize the material she sent me were very much appreciated and brought a smile to my face.  I felt compelled to go find a quiet corner and sit down with the book. (Note: It is a very interesting book about how to “get noticed”, treating your business and yourself as if you were a star!  I will review it here soon.)  Not only that, but I felt special that she took the time to get to know me and reach out in this way.

A Lesson in Outreach

As a blogger, I am often asked if I would be willing to read a book and review it on my blog (I was asked to read Tsufit’s, but the email that went out in December got completely lost in my inbox).  Sometimes, I say no if I don’t feel the book will be relevant for my readers.  Other times, I accept, and the author sends me the book.  I then share my honest thoughts in a book review post (look in the left margin of my blog in the Book Reviews category to see books I have written about).

Very rarely does an author or PR firm take the time to personalize the material sent to me.  Sometimes, I get a printed letter from the PR firm with “sound bites” about the book and the link to where to get more info/book cover photos.  Usually, there is just a book in an envelope, sent to my address (once, I even got a book I never requested!).

Tsufit provides us with a glowing example of how to market.  It should be relevant.  It should build a personal relationship.  It should stand out in our minds, not due to clever tactics, but due to the personal touch.

Thanks, Tsufit and Todd.  I can’t wait to finish reading the book!

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8 Responses to “Instant Customer Connection – The Personal Touch”

  1. Tsufit said

    If I had known my yellow post-it note scribble was
    going to make primetime, I woulda written a bit neater!
    Thanks SO much for your kind words!
    Glad you liked the Hollywood stamps. I think I must have
    personally cleaned out the Canada Post supply.

  2. Well, you never know where your words will turn up in show biz! 😉 You are very welcome, Tsufit – I only say things I mean.

  3. daksh said

    Wow that is great Becky! So, cool on Tsufit’s part 🙂

  4. Thanks, Daksh! Yes, it is amazing what one little yellow Post-It note can do. Good to see you, Daksh.

  5. Todd said

    Just be thankful that was Tsufit’s handwriting and not mine. Otherwise you’d still be struggling to read it! 🙂 I’ve had the good fortune of communicating with Tsufit a lot over the last few months, and she is that sweet and personable ALL the time. I wish her all the success in the world with her book when it goes on sale tomorrow.

  6. rkenneth said

    I don’t know Tsufit, but I wish her well with her new book. The handwritten Post-It and the effort that went into crafting the message were more personal, more impressive than an email or text message. To me, marketing is about one-to-one conversations. This is a great example.

  7. customerservicevoodoo said

    The personal note reminds me of something I heard from Kirk Weisler in a presentation in Dallas this month. He shared with us several examples of personal notes and one in particular stayed with me.

    **As I am, Kirk is also a huge advocate of handwritten, personal notes. Thank you notes, notes of introduction, and those once in a while reconnecting notes. An email is quick, it is impersonal, and as your post “Where is My Dress?” recounts, can be completely off the mark. Handwritten notes, however, scream, “I CARE ENOUGH ABOUT YOU TO WRITE YOU SOMETHING ON PAPER!” (Excuse the caps, they were needed.)**

    Kirk shared a story of a man who came up to him after a presentation he gave last year and pulled out of his wallet a faded, tiny little note that someone had given to him some twenty years ago. The man showed it to Kirk with reverence. He did not open it up, he did not share its contents, but by his manner, Kirk knew that it meant so much to the man.

    Not all of our notes will be carried in wallets for two decades, but they will touch us. Tsufit’s did! Thanks for sharing,


  8. Todd, thanks for your insight on Tsufit; I will be interviewing her for a blog post soon.

    Rkenneth, this is indeed a great example of one-to-one conversations. Even when we are talking to many customers, we have to remember to keep it relevant if we want to create a conversation (not a one-way communication). Thanks for commenting!

    Brandon, good to see you again here at Customers Rock! I have blogged often on the power of a thank-you, whether in person or via a note. Notes really do make a difference, as they show someone actually took time to think about you. I am glad that I shared Tsufit’s here.

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