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Coldwater Creek Gives Customers the Royal Treatment

Posted by Becky Carroll on May 6, 2008

Tiara I love the way Coldwater Creek keeps their customers engaged through their marketing.  Of course, there are the regular catalog and emails that come out; nothing too special about those.  However, I just got an offer from them to be treated like royalty, and it made me smile.

I received a note card from Coldwater Creek with this on the front:

“Fashion and relaxation fit for a queen.  Without those annoying hats.”

The graphic shows pictures of crowns and tiaras, along with their brand.  Inside, I find that my friends and I are invited to Coldwater Creek’s version of High Tea, along with a product demo and drawings.  This particular store is well suited to this, as they also have a Coldwater Creek – The Spa at the same location.  The copy inside the card is “royal”, talking about “courtly prizes” for you and “your entourage”.  Very nicely done.

Of course, I called the store to find out more.  Between the hours of 4 and 7 pm, they are basically holding an open house for customers with lots of goodies to eat (pastries, cakes) and drink (tea mostly!), along with the chance to show-off both clothing and spa products.  It is not just for those who received the invitation; anyone shopping that evening can also partake.  But only existing local customers received the invitation.

Royal Treatment

This particular mailing was refreshingly different.  It made me feel special.  It made me feel noticed.  Too many direct mailings are to push products or send invoices.  Coldwater Creek did a great job of standing out with a fun direct mail piece that caters to their customers.  Yes, “old school” techniques still work in this social media world!

You rock, Coldwater Creek.  Cheers!

(Photo credit: Scanty)


9 Responses to “Coldwater Creek Gives Customers the Royal Treatment”

  1. You absolutely need a tiara! Isn’t it great when something pops through the clutter and catches your eye, captures your attention? The right message, from a company you admire, received at the right time works every time. Now, if only it were easy to figure out that magic formula!

    Thanks, Becky, for sharing this direct marketing success story.

  2. I own a tiara and I love it–every woman should own one! I also love integrated marketing techniques where old school meets new cool. By not pushing, Coldwater supported their reduce the stress/relax and enjoy message. It built a lot of trust. I call Coldwater the Tailored Chico’s–their clothes are great and I have always been shown the best customer service when I visit there. They are in touch with their clients.

    Mailings still work for me, especially if they show that they understand me and my needs. Thanks for highlighting how easy it is to do it right. I will be sure to tell my female entrepreneur blog readers about this site so they can learn and enjoy also!

    Together, we are stronger.
    Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman

  3. Thank you for coming over and sharing your direct marketing views, Suzanne! I think marketing pieces like this work best when they are relevant to the customer and what they expect from the business, and Coldwater Creek knows their customer well.

    I have my tiara on order… 😉

  4. Vicki, so glad you left your comment here! I completely agree that Coldwater Creek is in touch with their clients, and I love your “old school meets new cool” line. Not being pushy is one of the best sales techniques, as it helps the customer feel comfortable and know that you care more about them than making the sale.

    I have heard other women who own tiaras say how great they are; I will have to go to some tiara-testing one of these days!

  5. Toby said

    What fun and how very targeted. Coldwater knows it’s customers. I agree with Vicki .. integrated programs are so much more effective. Still a puzzle to me why companies would do anything :one lump at a time: So thinking integration and social media wouldn’t it be fun to have a ‘grown-up tea party’ page of Flickr highlighting the day?

  6. Toby, thanks for adding your sparkle to the discussion (and your pink boa!).

    Integrated marketing is great, and Coldwater Creek does a lot with direct mail and email marketing. However, I haven’t seen much in the way of social media marketing from Coldwater Creek, so I am not sure they would do the Flickr party. But I love the idea!

  7. I’ve always thought Coldwater Creek did an excellent job of relating to customers. Their catalog descriptions were always spot on. And they had great marketing outreach with very well timed coupons. Bravo to them for yet another standout technique.

  8. Patty Tennant said

    As employees of Coldwater Creek, my management team and I were so excited to read your story! Thank you so much for recognizing us as a different kind of company in the way we treat our customers. That, of course, is what we pride ourselves on.

    P.S. We all have tiaras as well…. 🙂

  9. Beth, nice to see another San Diego blogger here! Yes, Coldwater Creek is definitely in-touch with their customers; they even look to hire them for seasonal help – the perfect salesperson. Thanks for coming out and sharing your thoughts.

    Patty, great to have someone from Coldwater Creek come here to comment. Welcome! I am glad you and your management team liked my story. I would love to interview someone from your company to hear more about your customer focus! I would also love to see some pictures of your tiaras. When are you going to start selling them in the stores? 🙂

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