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Four by Four: About me

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 8, 2008

ice-cream.jpg I like to participate in these types of memes that fly around in blogs, as I usually learn more about my fellow bloggers – and my readers learn more about me!  Peter Kim tagged me on his re-make of the “8 Things” meme (see my original answers here) called 4×4: four things from four categories.  Here are my four by four:

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

1. Ice cream scooper (like Peter!) at Morrow’s Nut House (yes, I know, that explains a lot!).

2. Researcher/computer graphics programmer at NASA Ames Research Center, working with Cray supercomputers.

3. On-line Technical Support engineer for HP; had fun duplicating customer issues on HP 1000 real-time computer systems.

4. Cub Scout den leader (volunteer role – needed lots of energy for this one!).

Four Places I’ve Been:

1. Kauai, Hawaii (during the “Big Earthquake” in Northern California, 1989 – horrifying to watch the national network news depict your hometown as a total disaster zone from afar)

2. Olso, Norway (to meet the wonderful family of our former au pair)

3. Veracruz, Mexico (as an exchange student)

4. San Gimignano, Italy (for vacation – beautiful medieval walled town with many wonderful towers – and the biggest grapes I’ve ever seen!)

Four Music Artists I’m Listening to Right Now:

1. Beethoven (an oldie but a goodie!)

2. Jack Johnson (easy to listen to – acoustic/adult alternative)

3. Newsboys (Christian pop)

4. Handel (another oldie but goodie, and relaxing to boot!)

Four Favorite Foods:

1. Ice cream (almost any flavor!)

2. Belgian chocoloate

3. Seafood – best are the shellfish

4. Almond Roca

OK, who wants to join in on 4×4?  I’d like to hear from CB Whittemore, Doug Meacham, Maria Palma, my new friend Brian Solis, and Jay Ehret (I know, that is five people, not four, but I believe CB was just tagged by Ann Handley).  If you’ve already answered for some of these categories, here were the other 5 that I didn’t use: people who email me regularly, TV shows I DVR, places I’d rather be right now, people I think will respond, and things I look forward to this year.

(Photo credit: solarseven)


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