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Friday News from the ‘Sphere

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 16, 2007

global-hello.jpgToday, my tidbits point to two Marketing carnivals, a “geeky” interview, and the latest on the Z-list.  Grab your favorite snack (I just finished one of mine: Bugles!), sit back, and have a read.

Two Marketing Carnivals

I am very late in posting on these, so my sincerest apologies!  First, Peter Kim’s most recent Carnival of Marketing highlighted my post on Marketing Experiences, not Products.  He also refers to his ideas on reinventing marketing to be more customer-centric, which of course, I completely agree with!  I believe that marketing also needs to become more pervasive throughout a company so it can work hand-in-hand with all customer-facing touch points.  Marketing should not be a gate-keeper of information but can facilitate customer engagement.  You can read other points of view in Peter’s Resources on Reinventing Marketing post from this week.  Thanks, Peter!  I would like to be part of this conversation.

Nick Rice has an ongoing Marketing (r)evolution Carnival, and his latest entry has a plethora of posts.  Topics include advertising, marketing, branding, and strategy.   There has been some discussion of the need to add a topic for customer experience from our friends over at Perfect Customer Experience blog.  Anyone care to chime in?  Should there be a separate category, or should it be considered part of strategy/marketing?  Be sure to thank Nick while you are visiting his carnival for all the hard work he puts into making it such a success.  Thanks again, Nick!

A “Geeky” Interview

I just finished reading the in-depth interview of Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad (now part of Best Buy) over at Service Untitled.  They have done a fabulous job of documenting the Q&A in this post, this post, and then this post (note: the fourth part of the interview will be coming out next week).  The topics include Robert’s background and philosophy, his thoughts on uniforms, hiring, and customer service, as well as Geek Squad’s challenges and opportunities for improvement.  If you don’t take at least a few tidbits away for your own customer service operation, then read it again!  Well done.

Latest on the Z-List

The Z-list quieted down after the New Year, and I thought, well, it was fun while it lasted.  Plus, I still needed to catch up on all those great blogs I hadn’t gotten around to reading yet.  Next thing I know, Maki over at DoshDosh found it and started it up again in a whole new community!  Gavin Heaton decided it was getting a bit unwieldy and needed some structure; exactly what I had been thinking.  Sharon Sarmiento said she would help us sort it all out, and now we are deep in the Z-list

We should be putting out version 2.0 of the Z-list soon with blog categories and even mini-reviews of each blog.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, my thoughts about the Z-list are this: I never would have found so many great blogs, and in turn, so many blogging friends, if it wasn’t for Mack Collier.  He got this new community started back in December, and that is the perfect name for it, a community.   Yes, those on the Z-list have seen a rise in their rankings.  However, when you read a little bit closer, you see that the Z-listers are regularly commenting on one another’s blogs, guest blogging on them, and even working together all around the world.  This is what the Z-list is really all about.  It is the great content, plus the great friendships, that have kept bloggers and readers coming back for more.  Thanks again, Mack!

3 Responses to “Friday News from the ‘Sphere”

  1. Maki said

    Thanks for the mention, Becky! Let’s hope the Z List goes on a little while more before inevitably dying down again. 🙂

  2. The community aspect of the Z-list is one of its strengths … I am hoping that with a little bit of effort from us all that it continues to build and extend that community. There are certainly some great blogs on the list!

  3. Thanks to both of you for being part of this great community!


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