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Four by Four: About me

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 8, 2008

ice-cream.jpg I like to participate in these types of memes that fly around in blogs, as I usually learn more about my fellow bloggers – and my readers learn more about me!  Peter Kim tagged me on his re-make of the “8 Things” meme (see my original answers here) called 4×4: four things from four categories.  Here are my four by four:

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

1. Ice cream scooper (like Peter!) at Morrow’s Nut House (yes, I know, that explains a lot!).

2. Researcher/computer graphics programmer at NASA Ames Research Center, working with Cray supercomputers.

3. On-line Technical Support engineer for HP; had fun duplicating customer issues on HP 1000 real-time computer systems.

4. Cub Scout den leader (volunteer role – needed lots of energy for this one!).

Four Places I’ve Been:

1. Kauai, Hawaii (during the “Big Earthquake” in Northern California, 1989 – horrifying to watch the national network news depict your hometown as a total disaster zone from afar)

2. Olso, Norway (to meet the wonderful family of our former au pair)

3. Veracruz, Mexico (as an exchange student)

4. San Gimignano, Italy (for vacation – beautiful medieval walled town with many wonderful towers – and the biggest grapes I’ve ever seen!)

Four Music Artists I’m Listening to Right Now:

1. Beethoven (an oldie but a goodie!)

2. Jack Johnson (easy to listen to – acoustic/adult alternative)

3. Newsboys (Christian pop)

4. Handel (another oldie but goodie, and relaxing to boot!)

Four Favorite Foods:

1. Ice cream (almost any flavor!)

2. Belgian chocoloate

3. Seafood – best are the shellfish

4. Almond Roca

OK, who wants to join in on 4×4?  I’d like to hear from CB Whittemore, Doug Meacham, Maria Palma, my new friend Brian Solis, and Jay Ehret (I know, that is five people, not four, but I believe CB was just tagged by Ann Handley).  If you’ve already answered for some of these categories, here were the other 5 that I didn’t use: people who email me regularly, TV shows I DVR, places I’d rather be right now, people I think will respond, and things I look forward to this year.

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Holiday Reading List: Outstanding Blogs

Posted by Becky Carroll on December 18, 2007

friends.jpg About this time last year, Mack Collier, blogger extraordinaire, started a list of blogs that were not yet well-read but deserved more attention (this is per Mack – great speaking with you the other day, BTW!!).  I was honored to be one of the original 5 on the Z-list:

Shotgun Marketing Blog
Customers Rock!
Being Peter Kim

The Z-list then went all over the world, and it is hard to say where the final list is these days.  A good, comprehensive listing of great blogs to read over the holidays can be found in the Z-list wiki, put together by Gavin Heaton.  It lists the name of the blog, the author, the location of the author, a category for the blog, and a short description.

Fast forward to this year.  Troy Worman has come up with his list of Outstanding Blogs, or O! Blogs for short.  This list has some overlap with the Z-list, but there are also many new blogs that I hadn’t seen before.  Thanks for the Christmas reading list, Troy!

Here is the O! Blogs list (taken from Drew McLellan’s version), along with some of my favorites at the top:

Becky’s adds:



The Marketing Blog

Shaping Youth

Communication Overtones

They Talk Back

Troy’s list:

  1. 100 Bloggers
  2. 37 Days
  3. 3i
  4. 43 Folders
  5. A Clear Eye
  6. A Daily Dose of Architecture
  7. The Agonist
  8. All Things Workplace
  9. All This Chittah Chattah
  10. Angela Maiers
  11. Antonella Pavese
  12. Arizona High Tech
  13. A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye
  14. Badger Blogger
  15. Bailey WorkPlay
  16. Being Peter Kim
  17. Brett Trout
  18. Best of Mother Earth
  19. Beyond Madison Avenue
  20. Biz and Buzz
  21. Bizhack
  22. BizSolutions Plus
  23. Blog Business World
  24. Bloggers Showroom
  25. Blogging for Business
  26. Blogher
  27. Blog Till You Drop!
  28. Bob Sutton
  29. Brain Based Business
  30. Brains on Fire
  31. Brand Autopsy
  32. The Brand Builder Blog
  33. Branding and Marketing
  34. Branding Strategy
  35. Brand is Language
  36. BrandSizzle
  37. Brandsoul
  38. Bren Blog
  39. Business Evolutionist
  40. Business Management Life
  41. Business Pundit
  42. Business Services, Etc.
  43. Busy Mom
  44. Buzz Canuck
  45. Buzz Customer
  46. Buzzoodle
  47. Career Intensity
  48. Carpe Factum
  49. Casual Fridays
  50. Change Your Thoughts
  51. Chaos Scenario
  52. Cheezhead
  53. Chief Happiness Officer
  54. Chris Brogan
  55. Christine Kane
  56. Church of the Customer
  57. Circaspecting
  58. CK’s Blog
  59. Come Gather Round
  60. Community Guy
  61. Confident Writing
  62. Conversation Agent
  63. Converstations
  64. Cooking for Engineers
  65. Cool Hunting
  66. Core77
  67. Corporate Presenter
  68. Crayon Writer
  69. Creating a Better Life
  70. Creating Passionate Users
  71. Creative Think
  72. CRM Mastery
  73. Crossroads Dispatches
  74. Cube Rules
  75. Culture Kitchen
  76. Customers Are Always
  77. Customer Service Experience
  78. Customer Service Reader
  79. Customers Rock!
  80. Custserv
  81. Craig Harper
  82. Daily Fix
  83. Dawud Miracle
  84. Dave Olson
  85. David Airey
  86. David Maister
  87. David S Finch
  88. Design Your Writing Life
  89. Digital Common Sense
  90. Director Tom
  91. Diva Marketing
  92. Do You Q
  93. Duct Tape Marketing
  94. Empowerment 4 Life
  95. The Engaging Brand
  96. Essential Keystrokes
  97. Every Dot Connects
  98. Experience Architect
  99. Experience Curve
  100. Experience Matters
  101. Extreme Leadership
  102. Eyes on Living
  103. Feld Thoughts
  104. Flooring the Customer
  105. Fouroboros
  106. FutureLab
  107. Genuine Curiosity
  108. Glass Half Full
  109. The Good Life
  110. Great Circle
  111. Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog
  112. Hee-Haw Marketing
  113. Hello, My Name is BLOG
  114. Holly’s Corner
  115. Homeless Family
  116. The Idea Dude
  117. I’d Rather be Blogging
  118. Influential Marketing
  119. Innovating to Win
  120. Inspiring & Empowering Lives
  121. Instigator Blog
  122. Jaffe Juice
  123. Jibber Jobber
  124. Joyful Jubilant Learning
  125. Joy of Six
  126. Kent Blumberg
  127. Kevin Eikenberry
  128. Learned on Women
  129. Life Beyond Code
  130. Lip-sticking
  131. Listics
  132. The Lives and Times
  133. Live Your Best Life
  134. Live Your Inspiration
  135. Living Light Bulbs
  136. Logical Emotions
  137. Logic + Emotion
  138. Make It Great!
  139. Making Life Work for You
  140. Management Craft
  141. Managing with Aloha
  142. The M.A.P. Maker
  143. The Marketing Excellence Blog
  144. Marketing Headhunter
  145. Marketing Hipster
  146. The Marketing Minute
  147. Marketing Nirvana
  148. Marketing Roadmaps
  149. Marketing Through the Clutter
  150. Mary Schmidt
  151. Masey
  152. The Media Age
  153. Micropersuasion
  154. Middle Zone Musings
  155. Miss604
  156. Moment on Money
  157. Monk at Work
  158. Monkey Bites
  159. Movie Marketing Madness
  160. Motivation on the Run
  161. My 2 Cents
  162. My Beautiful Chaos
  163. Naked Conversations
  164. Neat & Simple Living
  165. New Age 2020
  166. New Charm School
  167. Next Up
  168. No Man’s Blog
  169. The [Non] Billable Hour
  170. Note to CMO
  171. Office Politics
  172. Optimist Lab
  173. The Origin of Brands
  174. Own Your Brand
  175. Pardon My French
  176. Passion Meets Purpose
  177. Pause
  178. Peerless Professionals
  179. Perfectly Petersen
  180. Personal Branding
  181. The Podcast Network
  182. The Power of Choice
  183. Practical Leadership
  184. Presentation Zen
  185. Priscilla Palmer
  186. Productivity Goal
  187. Pro Hip-Hop
  188. Prosperity for You
  189. Purple Wren
  190. QAQnA
  191. Qlog
  192. Reveries
  193. Rex Blog
  194. Ririan Project
  195. Rohdesign
  196. Rothacker Reviews
  197. Scott H Young
  198. Search Engine Guide
  199. Servant of Chaos
  200. Service Untitled
  201. Seth’s Blog
  202. Shards of Consciousness
  203. Shotgun Marketing
  204. Simplenomics
  205. Simplicity
  206. Slacker Manager
  207. Slow Leadership
  208. Socially Adept
  209. Social Media Marketing Blog
  210. Spare Change
  211. Spirit in Gear
  212. Spooky Action
  213. Steve’s 2 Cents
  214. Strategic Design
  215. Strength-based Leadership
  216. StickyFigure
  217. Studentlinc
  218. Success Begins Today
  219. Success Creeations
  220. Success From the Nest
  221. Successful Blog
  222. Success Jolt
  223. Talk to Strangers
  224. Tammy Lenski
  225. Tell Ten Friends
  226. That Girl from Marketing
  227. Think Positive!
  228. This Girl’s Weblog
  229. Thoughts & Philosophies
  230. Tom Peters
  231. Trust Matters
  232. Verve Coaching
  233. Viral Garden
  234. Waiter Bell
  235. Wealth Building Guy
  236. What’s Next
  237. Writers Notes
  238. You Already Know this Stuff
  239. Zen Chill

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Women Bloggers and the W-List

Posted by Becky Carroll on August 9, 2007

megaphone-girl.jpg I was honored recently to be named to the Top 20 PR Power Women, which is a list of women who blog on PR and marketing.  The list was put together by Kami Huyse, who brought to our attention that only a small percentage of  The Power 150 top marketing and PR bloggers are women.

My friend Valeria Maltoni felt that perhaps the reason for so few women in the top lists is that they are as yet undiscovered.  She was inspired to create a W-List to help promote these women bloggers.  This is much like Mack Collier’s Z-List from last year (which, by the way, helped publicize my blog quite a bit).  The Z-list was an effort to bring more attention to blogs which Mack felt weren’t getting their due.  One offshoot of the Z-list was the original W-List put together by Tammy Vitale.  This list was an effort to bring attention to women bloggers as well. 

The New W-List

I am sharing Valeria’s new W-List with you.  Regardless of gender, these are blogs which have quality content and provide new ideas.  As with the Z-list, feel free to pay this forward by adding your favorite female bloggers.  To the new W-list (taken from Lori Magno’s blog), I am adding these ladies:

Stephanie Weaver: Experienceology – Stephanie was one of my adds to the Z-list as well, and she writes a great blog on customer experience.

Maria Palma: CustomersAreAlways – Maria writes about taking care of customers and great customer service.

Tammy Vitale: Women, Art, Life – Since Tammy created the original W-List, I thought she should be on it!  Tammy is an entrepreneur and artist.

Michele Miller: Wonderbranding: Marketing to Women – Michele’s blog focuses on marketing to women and how companies are meeting the needs or missing the mark.

Rosa Say: Managing with Aloha – Rosa is inspired by the values of the Hawaiian Islands, and she weaves them together with business concepts to inspire leaders.

Here is the list with my add-ins inserted in alphabetical order.  Visit a few this weekend and expand your horizons!

The W List – Women Who Write
45 Things Anita Bruzzese

A Girl Must Shop Megan Garnhum
advergirl Leigh Householder
Back in Skinny Jeans Stephanie Quilao
Biz Growth News Krishna De
BlogWrite for CEOs Debbie Weil
Brand Sizzle Anne Simons
Branding & Marketing Chris Brown
Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk

Cheap Thrills Ryan Barrett
CK’s Blog CK (Christina Kerley)
Communication Overtones Kami Huyse
Conscious Business by Anne Libby
Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni
Corporate PR Elizabeth Albrycht

CustomersAreAlways Maria Palma
Customers Rock! Becky Carroll
Deborah Schultz Deborah Schultz
Diva Marketing Blog Toby Bloomberg

Dooce Heather Armstrong
Email Marketing Best Practices Tamara Gielen
Escape from Cubicle Nation Pamela Slim
eSoup Sharon Sarmiento

Experienceology Stephanie Weaver
Flooring The Consumer CB Whittemore
Forrester’s Marketing Blog Shar, Charlene, Chloe, Christine Elana, Laura and Lisa
Get Fresh Minds Katie Konrath
Get Shouty Katie Chatfield

Giant Jeans Parlour Anjali
Hey Marci Marci Alboher
Inspired Business Growth Wendy Piersall

J.T. O’Donnell Career Insights J.T. O’Donnell
Kinetic Ideas Wendy Maynard
Learned on Women Andrea Learned

Little Red Suit Tiffany Monhollon
Liz Strauss at Successful Blog Liz Strauss
Lorelle on WordPress Lorelle VanFossen
Manage to Change Ann Michael
Management Craft Lisa Haneberg
Managing with Aloha Rosa Say
Marketing Roadmaps Susan Getgood
Moda di Magno Lori Magno
Modite Rebecca Thorman
Narrative Assets Karen Hegman
Presto Vivace Blog Alice Marshall
Productivity Goal Carolyn Manning
Spare Change Nedra Kline Weinreich
Tech Kitten Trisha Miller
That’s What She Said by Julie Elgar
The Blog Angel aka Claire Raikes
The Brand Dame Lyn Chamberlin
The Copywriting Maven Roberta Rosenberg
The Engaging Brand Anna Farmery
The Origin of Brands Laura Ries
The Podcast Sisters Krishna De, Anna Farmery & Heather Gorringe

Water Cooler Wisdom Alexandra Levit
Wealth Strategy Secrets Money Gym author & Founder Nicola Cairncross
What’s Next Blog B L Ochman
Wiggly Wigglers by Podcast Sister Heather Gorringe
Women, Art, Life Tammy Vitale
Wonderbranding: Marketing to Women Michele Miller
Ypulse Anastasia Goodstein

(Photo by Forgiss)

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Magic, Marketing, and Memes: Oh, My!

Posted by Becky Carroll on July 24, 2007

magic-hat.jpg That Magical Reader Loyalty

(NOTE: no spoilers here!)  The Harry Potter series of books is a great example of reader/consumer loyalty.  After all, they have stuck with Harry through 7 books, 199 chapters, and over 4100 pages.  Many waited line in the US this past weekend, some dressed in costume, all excited to be one of the first to get hold of the last book in the series.  Parties were held all over the country (thanks for pointing out this Harry Potter event, Chris!).  On the beach here in San Diego today, I lost count of how many people were sitting in chairs poring through the book.

Each fan has their own way of dealing with the end of the series.  Some, such as Doug Meacham of NextUp, stepped around the aftermath of the Harry Potter Midnight Party at their local bookstore to buy a copy and start the read (although Doug had a hard time finding it in some places!).  Ann Handley of Marketing Profs decided to take matters into her own hands and read the end first in order to avoid hearing about it accidentally.

Does the hype about the end, the spoilers, and the movie bother these people?  No.  They are loyal fans, and they are dedicated to reading the final book no matter what.

How can you make your product or service impervious to outside interference?  Building strong customer relationships is one of the first steps.

Marketing Bloggers and Media Unite!

A great event is taking place in the community.  Todd Andrlik’s Power 150 ranking of top marketing blogs is partnering with Ad Age!   Todd has worked tremendously hard to continually rank over 350+ marketing and PR blogs.  In his post today announcing the inside scoop, Todd quotes Jonah Bloom, editor of Advertising Age, as follows:

“Of course we could have put something together based on our own opinions or bloggers’ traffic numbers, but Todd’s brilliant creation goes way beyond that and creates a ranking that combines traffic, influence and quality into a ranking of the best out there. We’re excited to be able to bring that to our readers. We also hope it’ll be a great thing for all bloggers listed.”

Congratulations go out to Todd for his perseverance; it paid off!  Congrats also to the blogging community, as we are making an impact on the business world by writing quality content.  Thank you also to Todd for including Customers Rock! on the list; it has been an honor!

In a related story, Kami Huyse of Communication Overtones points out that only 13% of the Power 150 are women.  She shares the Top 20 PowerWomen of PR and Marketing (blogs) to help raise the awareness of top women bloggers.  Thanks for the hat tip, Kami!

Meme-Mania: 8 Things About Me and Glass Half Full

Over the past few weeks, I have been tagged for the 8 Things meme by Janet Green, Steve Woodruff, Valeria Maltoni, Doug Meacham, and Nick Rice.  This meme asks the person tagged to share 8 things about themselves, as a way of getting to know the blogger better.  The tagged person should then tag 8 others to share some link love and to share great blogs.  In addition to the “5 Things About Me” from awhile back, here are 8 more things …

1. I am a fan of science fiction movies and books (especially the “classic” movies from the 60s-80s such as Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, E.T., Close Encounters, Star Wars, and one of my faves Total Recall).  Sharing them with my boys is a lot of fun, even if they do laugh at some of the “older” special effects!

2. I was once in the circus as a child.  Ringling Brothers Circus came to town, and my sister and I were chosen to be in the parade.  It was very memorable!

3. One of my favorite places on Earth is Maui.  We vacation there on a regular basis and stay with some lovely friends.  Aloha!

4. My husband and I love to travel.  We have been all over Europe and the UK, and we hope to go again soon!  I once travelled all the way around the world on a business trip for Hewlett-Packard when I was working there as a marketing manager – and I was 5 months pregnant!

5. I enjoy drinking red wine, especially if it is paired with Scharfenberger Chocolate.  Yum!

6. I just learned how to knit this year.  I think I will keep my day job, though, as I am not very good at it!

7. My favorite actor is Gene Kelley.  What an amazing actor/singer/dancer!  When my kids saw his “I Got Rhythm” tap dance in the movie American in Paris recently, one of them said, “Those aren’t really his feet moving!  The computer did that.”

8. I am a huge fan of Disneyland and Disneyworld.  One of the first things I did when we moved to San Diego was buy Disneyland season passes for all of us.  Tell me if any of you come out this way, and I will meet you at Mickey’s house!  🙂

I was also tagged for the Glass Half Full meme a little while back, this time by Meikah Delid and Ryan Karpeles.  Sorry to take so long to respond, guys!  This meme asked the blogger to answer a few questions.  Here they are:

1. How full is your glass?
2. What kind of glass is it?
3. What’s in the glass?
4. Reasons for #1, #2, and #3

And here are my answers:

1. My cup runneth over.

2. A red wine glass.

3. Ravenswood Zinfandel.

4. Reasons: My cup runneth over because I have been truly blessed in my life, much beyond what I could have imagined or deserved.  The glass is a wine glass because I enjoy drinking red wine with family and friends while noshing on dark chocolate.  The contents are Ravenswood Zinfandel because Ravenswood is a Customers Rock! company, plus it reminds me of my connections to the blogging community (fellow Ravenswood fan Steve Woodruff has been great at creating community with BrandingWire).

I now tag the following people (and apologies if you have already been tagged!): Daksh at TheMarketingBlog, Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData, Katie Konrath of GetFreshMinds, Tim Jackson of MasiGuy, Daniel Sitter of Idea Sellers,  Kevin Dugan of Strategic Public Relations, Dale Wolf of The Perfect Customer Experience, and Christy Brewer of The Diff.

You can choose which meme you want to respond to!  Have fun.

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5 Reasons I Blog

Posted by Becky Carroll on March 12, 2007

megaphone-girl.jpgI was recently tagged by Sharon Sarmiento at eSoup with this meme, so here I am to share my reasons for blogging.

  1. I blog because I enjoy writing.  Actually, I am working on a book, and blogging is a great way to keep up the habit of writing.  It disciplines me to write daily (although I haven’t posted in the past few days – I apparently need more discipline).
  2. I blog because I have an opinion.  There are many in-depth conversations taking place about the worlds of marketing, customer service, and customer experience, and I just had to get in on the discussions!
  3. I blog because I care.  Customers are my passion, and I care deeply about how organizations can make it better for their customers.  I also firmly believe that organizations can benefit by opening lines of communication to their customers, so I wanted to write about it and get folks thinking!
  4. I blog because I think it is a cool way to meet other smart people.  Before I started reading blogs, I had no idea these types of “live” conversations were taking place in the business world.  I was under the mistaken impression blogging was mostly about personal blogs.   Since then, I have met some incredible people from around the world (and from just down the street!) who are becoming friends.  For that, I am grateful.
  5. I blog because I want to build my business.  I am not looking to make money with the blog itself, but I am looking to continue to build my credibility with this blog.  So far, so good!

On that final reason, I want to give a thank-you to all the loyal readers of this blog.  I have gotten to know many of you, and you are a pleasure to meet.  Please continue to pass along my blog to others, and spread the word that Customers Rock!

Note: As so many of you have already had this meme, I will take Sharon’s approach; if you want to be tagged with this, please leave me a comment or send me an email.  I will update my post and link to you!

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Updated Z-list or Z-list 2.0

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 20, 2007

keys-heart.jpgWhen the Z-list was re-vitalized a few weeks ago by Maki, I found myself gazing into an entirely new set of blogs.  Some of them were very similar to my interests, some of them weren’t.  I also found it was hard to dig-in to the Z-list because it had expanded so much!  Then I noticed that Gavin Heaton was thinking about trying to organize it somehow, just as I had been thinking.  Sharon Sarmiento joined us, and we have now produced Z-list 2.0!

What, you might ask, is Z-list 2.0?  We took the last known version of the Z-list started by Mack Collier, added on as many of the new entries as we could track down, and then did a 10-word “description” of each blog.  After combining our work, we categorized the blogs by type.  At the end of this post, you will find the Z-list 2.0. 

We also created it in a Word version and in an Excel version for easier sorting.  I, for one, find this very helpful.  Now I can go and look at all of the marketing blogs, or all of the photography blogs and dig into those that look interesting.  I can also go and sort by location to find the bloggers in my area.

Gavin is putting this into a Wiki; more on that when it arrives.

I am sure Z-list 2.0 didn’t capture every blog ever to be on the Z-list because there are so many different versions of it!  Each site that posted a list got their list from a different site, as well as added different blogs to it, so the list really ebbed and flowed all over the ‘sphere.  When the Wiki is up, you can add any missing blogs into it, and hopefully, links!

This was a great exercise.  It forced me to take the time to go out to the many wonderful blogs on the list (something I kept putting off before).  I have added quite a few of them to my feed reader, and I look forward to making many more friendships through these new connections.  Thanks for the project, Gavin and Sharon.

All right, without further ado, here is Z-list 2.0.  Scroll down, enjoy, and tell us what you think (many of you already have on Gavin’s blog, so thanks)!

Author Location Category 10 Word Description
Calico Monkey  Will Reinhardt Texas, USA Animation Focuses on
the ToonBoom software to create animation.
Women, Art,
Life: Weaving It All Together
Art Art-focused,
including thoughts on the art that Tammy produces.
Woolgathering  Elizabeth
  Art Looking,
thinking, drawing, being
World Blog Collection ugyen   Blog
listings categorized by type; goal to add 1000 links in ’07.
Blogging Secret Louiss Lim Malaysia Blogging Part
personal but mostly blogging related site.
Blogging to Fame Divya Uttam India Blogging All aspects
of online business from SEO to usability and blogging.
Blog-Op Chris Lodge   Blogging How to
improve your blogging by Chris and others.
Daily Blog Tips Daniel   Blogging Tips to
improve your blogging from tools to design.
Mike’s Money Making
Mike   Blogging Making money
using free blogs.
One Reader at a Time Bob Glaza   Blogging One
blogger’s experiment in building and engaging with online communities.
Ruminate this site The
Maine, USA Blogging Reviews
blogs and sites so that we don’t have to.
SMogger Social Media Blog Linda
Blogging The ethical
use of social media for bloggers and other web users.
SuccessCREEations  Chris Cree Georgia, USA Blogging Blog
Consultant bringing the twin passions of business and blogging together.
Successful Blog Liz Strauss   Blogging The
legendary Liz Strauss, blogger extraordinaire and creator of the SOB award.
Troy Worman’s Blog Troy Worman Jacksonville,
Blogging Focus on
writing, ideas and connections
UK Blogging,
importance of copy in corporate blogging
Eric Rosen   Blogging,
How to
measure reading effectiveness and why it is important in the blogosphere
Dipping into the Blogpond Meg Sydney,
about starting an Internet company in the Sutherland Shire.
BrandSizzle Anne Simons   Branding Broad and
deep insight into the branding process.
Own Your
Mike Wagner Iowa, USA Branding Blog to help
businesses re-imagine their brands.
The Emerging Brand Anna
UK Branding Corporate
branding blog focused on leadership.
The Engaging Brand Anna
UK Branding Using
technology and marketing knowledge to improve business communications.
What is Brand?   Japan Branding Japanese
readers/speakers? Anyone?
Presentation Zen Garr
Japan Business (Site in
English) Tips for great presentations, marketing, and business
Bob Sutton Bob Sutton California,
Business Discussions
of “jerks” in business.
Perspective Niti Bhan Asia Business Health,
wealth and the freedom to choose. 
Archived blog.  New one is
jugaad (
Ramblings from a Glass Half Full Terry
Business Views on
business life.
Simplicity Mary’s Blog Mary
New Mexico,
Business Business
development, marketing troubleshooting
Funny Business Scrambled
Wide ranging
discussion on business with a funny and pictorial approach.
Creative Think Roger von Oech  California,
Fun Ideas to
stimulate your creativity.
The Copywriting
Washington  DC, USA Copywriting Marketing
and SEO copywriting tips.
Brain Based Biz Robyn
  Creativity Tips for
stirring creativity in business.
Experienceology Stephanie
How to
create great customer experiences on the web and in the “real” world.
QAQNA Tom Vander
Iowa, USA Customer
blog on call centers, quality assessment, and customer service.
Shut Up and Drink the
Tim Jackson   Cycling,
irrepressible Tim MasiGuy Jackson and Co’s slant on bicycle marketing.
MineThatData Kevin
Tips for
database marketing from the viewpoint of a DM wiz.
Design Sojourn DT Sydney and
Design How to do
good design and create clever products.
aialone JT (Jon)
Canada Design, tech Design,
innovation, as well as Jon’s cartoons!
Frozen Puck Brock
Canada Eclectic Making cool
stuff with expensive toys
Africa Unchained Emeka
  Economy Discussing
issues and solutions in Africa.
Energy Blog     Energy
information and updates on the Energy generation industry.
Movie Marketing Madness Chris   Entertainment,
with a focus on Hollywood.  No info on
About page.  
gDiapers Jason Oregon, USA Environment Corporate
blog discussing environmental issues.
Time to Budget Mona
  Finance How to gain
financial freedom by controlling your finances.
Soloride Paul
Fundraising A project
raising awareness and funds for children with dyslexia and learning
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Money Spider

Quest to make money on the internet



Online Money Making

Online Money

An experiment about  making money writing, plus some tips

Currently up
to £128, this site makes money by letting out its posting space.

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Friday News from the ‘Sphere

Posted by Becky Carroll on February 16, 2007

global-hello.jpgToday, my tidbits point to two Marketing carnivals, a “geeky” interview, and the latest on the Z-list.  Grab your favorite snack (I just finished one of mine: Bugles!), sit back, and have a read.

Two Marketing Carnivals

I am very late in posting on these, so my sincerest apologies!  First, Peter Kim’s most recent Carnival of Marketing highlighted my post on Marketing Experiences, not Products.  He also refers to his ideas on reinventing marketing to be more customer-centric, which of course, I completely agree with!  I believe that marketing also needs to become more pervasive throughout a company so it can work hand-in-hand with all customer-facing touch points.  Marketing should not be a gate-keeper of information but can facilitate customer engagement.  You can read other points of view in Peter’s Resources on Reinventing Marketing post from this week.  Thanks, Peter!  I would like to be part of this conversation.

Nick Rice has an ongoing Marketing (r)evolution Carnival, and his latest entry has a plethora of posts.  Topics include advertising, marketing, branding, and strategy.   There has been some discussion of the need to add a topic for customer experience from our friends over at Perfect Customer Experience blog.  Anyone care to chime in?  Should there be a separate category, or should it be considered part of strategy/marketing?  Be sure to thank Nick while you are visiting his carnival for all the hard work he puts into making it such a success.  Thanks again, Nick!

A “Geeky” Interview

I just finished reading the in-depth interview of Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad (now part of Best Buy) over at Service Untitled.  They have done a fabulous job of documenting the Q&A in this post, this post, and then this post (note: the fourth part of the interview will be coming out next week).  The topics include Robert’s background and philosophy, his thoughts on uniforms, hiring, and customer service, as well as Geek Squad’s challenges and opportunities for improvement.  If you don’t take at least a few tidbits away for your own customer service operation, then read it again!  Well done.

Latest on the Z-List

The Z-list quieted down after the New Year, and I thought, well, it was fun while it lasted.  Plus, I still needed to catch up on all those great blogs I hadn’t gotten around to reading yet.  Next thing I know, Maki over at DoshDosh found it and started it up again in a whole new community!  Gavin Heaton decided it was getting a bit unwieldy and needed some structure; exactly what I had been thinking.  Sharon Sarmiento said she would help us sort it all out, and now we are deep in the Z-list

We should be putting out version 2.0 of the Z-list soon with blog categories and even mini-reviews of each blog.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, my thoughts about the Z-list are this: I never would have found so many great blogs, and in turn, so many blogging friends, if it wasn’t for Mack Collier.  He got this new community started back in December, and that is the perfect name for it, a community.   Yes, those on the Z-list have seen a rise in their rankings.  However, when you read a little bit closer, you see that the Z-listers are regularly commenting on one another’s blogs, guest blogging on them, and even working together all around the world.  This is what the Z-list is really all about.  It is the great content, plus the great friendships, that have kept bloggers and readers coming back for more.  Thanks again, Mack!

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Now I’m It

Posted by Becky Carroll on January 4, 2007

running-traffic-sign.jpgOver the holidays, I was tagged by C. B. Whittemore over at FlooringtheConsumer (thanks, C. B.!).   I think this tag meme has been going around for awhile, so I will do my best to continue it!  Here are my “five little known facts”:

1. I am a rocket scientist; well, not exactly, but I did intern at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA during my college years.  I worked on Cray Supercomputers, which at the time were state-of-the-art multi-processors.  Pretty cool (and literally cooled by liquid).

2. I am a Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Someday, I hope to get my Black Belt!

3. I love to sing, and one of my favorite ways to sing is acappella (without accompaniment).  I sang barbershop harmony for many years with the Sweet Adelines, an international women’s musical organization.  I have also sung with several church choirs as well as the UC Berkeley Jazz Choir.

4. I lived in England for 3 years, when I worked for Hewlett Packard, along with my husband and two boys.  We just loved it there, as we had a lot of opportunity to travel all over the UK as well as the European Continent.  One of my favorite places was Brugge, Belgium, where they make some of the world’s best chocolate and best beer!

5. When I was young, I wanted to grow up and be a roboticist.  I read all of Isaac Asimov’s books as a youth, long before the I, Robot movie came out, and I really wanted to help develop the Positronic Brain and build robots.  For that reason, I got my Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree from UC Berkeley.  I just went a different direction when I joined HP, as marketing was a strong pull for me, and HP sent me back to school to get my MBA.  But I still enjoy robots.

OK, that was me.  Now to try and tag 5 people who haven’t already been tagged!  My apologies if you have already been “touched”.  I don’t know all of you yet, but I hope to!

1. Kevin Hillstrom at MineThatData

2. Tammy Vitale, originator of the W-list

3. Patricia Seybold, who just came out with a great new book (this one is gutsy, as I haven’t met Patricia before!)

4. Doug Meacham at NextUp (a fellow WordPress blogger!)

5.  Kristin Gorski at WriteNowisGood (a blog about writing)

I wanted to include Mack Collier, Lewis Green, Andy Nulman, and Maria Palma, but they were already tagged. (as I said, this has been going around for awhile now).  These folks have all been very supportive of me as I have been getting going in the blogosphere.  Thanks, guys and gals!

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